Sunday, September 12, 2004

Condie want a cracker?

Every Sunday morning I watch Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer on CNN. Today he's interviewing Condoleezza Rice. While I watch her talk, I wonder, does she actually believe the words that are coming out of her mouth? She seems intelligent, but everything she says is utter BS. I also love how she has a selective memory when it comes to the things that make the Bush administration look really really bad. It's almost as if they took this (once) smart woman and swapped her brain with that of a parrot.


Jim Marquis said...

Colin wants a cracker too. I was watching Meet the Press this morning and just marveled at what's happened to this once respected public servant.

At one time I really thought he might be our first black president. Now he seems like the Manchurian Candidate. On television today he was telling Tim Russert how great things were going in Iraq and how there was plenty of time to get the Sunni triangle under control before the January election. I mean, I understand the "glass is half full" concept but C'MON ALREADY!

I've always felt the administration was worried Powell is the one who will crack. Especially since he's always been a soldier and this travesty in Iraq is killing his brother and sister soldiers.

Of course, I also thought John McCain might come to his senses and help prevent Bush's re-election. Maybe the Republicans have finally perfected their Soul Removal Machine.

Snave said...

Either that or they're passing the peace pipe around... but theirs is full of crack.