Thursday, September 30, 2004

Kerry's Home Run

I'm always the first person to admit when I'm wrong, and I was very wrong about my debate predictions.

Kerry couldn't have been better. This is the moment we've all been waiting for. We WILL have a new president in November. I can feel it in my bones.


Jim Marquis said...

Yes!! I totally agree. I am one happy camper tonight.

Kerry totally won that debate. Not only that, I think he showed the public why he would make a great commander in chief.

I like him! I really like him!

Snave said...


I thought Kerry came across as intelligent, decisive, articulate (but not too much so), determined, manly, and like anything but a wimp. By contrast, Dubya was on the defensive way too much to get in any really coherent digs. He stammered, got visibly angry, had some great "dead air" moments where no words would come, resorted to cliches, overused some phrases... and while I don't think he looked like an idiot, he just didn't look particularly... smart.

Kerry seemed to have fun tonight, and he set the tone. He was the master early on, and when Bush started to "snap out of it" later and give some slightly better answers than at first, Kerry didn't let him get the upper hand.

Kerry clarified his positions, and questioned Dubya's judgment repeatedly. So what's this about Dubya never having lost a debate? Heh heh... tonight's performance probably has Karl Rove and all the GOP party hardcores popping veins on their foreheads from sheer anger, or better yet, quaking in their boots.

I can't wait for the next two debates! If this was supposed to be Bush's strong suit, I don't see how he could win at either of the next two meetings. Bush will be better prepared next time, and he will have a great sense of resolve... so he will give a better performance than tonight. However, his problem is that Kerry is stronger in the upcoming areas!

Too bad about tonight, Dubya... it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy!

M said...

Kerry was awesome. Bush is so un-articulate and uses such poor grammar when he speaks off the cuff. He looked like a little monkey. At the very end when they shook hands, we both remarked at how tall Kerry is. He towered over Bush. And he will tower over him in November.

Snave said...

Yes!!! He will dominate Bush mentally, physically, in every possible way! So much so that I believe anyone who watches the next debates will see through the media's favoritism toward Bush. The myth of the "liberal media" will blow up in the GOP's collective face!!

And here's to Edwards making mincemeat of the fearmonger Cheney. The Dickster will do nothing but attempt to strike fear into the audience, and he will come across as a grumpy old paranoid. Edwards will appear to Americans as an optimistic Sunny Jim, and his trial lawyer experience will allow him to dissect and destroy his asinine counterpart!


Hoots said...

The debate was less than thirty-six hours ago at this writing, and the polls seem to be indicating a curious phenomenon. Concensus is that Kerry won the debate, but voters still aim to return Bush to the White House.

It reminds me of that line from Patton where somebody complained that George Patton was a sonofabitch, and the reply was "Yes, but he's OUR sonofabitch!"
If that is so, then all the reason, intellect and chutzpah in the world won't matter. Too many people have the attitude "Don't confust me with facts, my mind is already made up."