Saturday, December 08, 2007


I will never forget that day.


Jim Marquis said...

Long live John Lennon.

1138 said...

It cannot be forgotten

Tom Harper said...

It's a terrible anniversary. RIP.

Who Hijacked Our Country

M said...

I sometimes think about what he'd be saying about the current state of the world if he were alive today. It's such a shame we can't have his voice. But we still have his ideas and ideals.

Candace said...

I won't forget it, either, Lizzy.

I got to see the Beatles when I was a teenager. John was always my favorite. The man was a genius.

PoliShifter said...

Dec 8th is also my birthday.

It's also the day celebrated by Zen Buddhists that Buddha obtained enlightenment (rohatsu).

If only Lennon were alive today.

We seem devoid of the great leaders we used to have in this country.

Lizzy said...

Poli, I thought your bday was on the 10th! I'm sorry I missed it.

Happy belated birthday, buddy.

Thanks for the comments, everyone. I'm with ya.

Snave said...

Has it really been 27 years? Damn.

The guy was not a product of his time, he was ahead of his time.