Monday, December 03, 2007

a natural photog?

I love working with video, but lately I've been getting into photography. My old digital point & shoot had such limited potential, so I decided and get a digital SLR.

I bought the Canon Rebel XTi, and I absolutely adore it. I haven't taken a bad shot yet. It's like night and day compared to my old camera.

The store I bought it from offers classes in digital SLR & more. I'm going to take them up on that. I need to learn how to take pics indoors at night, without a flash. I see a fair amount of bands in clubs and would like to do them justice. This could be the start of something big for me.

Here's a few pics from the last 2 days:


Candace said...


(Hey, your glasses look like the ones I'm wearing!)

Snave said...

Those are very good-quality photos. I think I like the ones of Norman best, of course, but they are all good!

PoliShifter said...

Those certainly are some smushy faced dogs

Lizzy said...

I've never seen you in glasses, Candace. More pics!

Thanks, Snave. I knew you'd like the Nornie pics. He is quite handsome.

Poli, Yep, they certainly are. In fact, I was thinking about getting some persion kitties so I can have smushy-faced cats! Too bad I'm allergic.

I had my first photography class tonight. It went well.