Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Watch, and puke

...and some people wonder why I don't watch FauxNews

Dear activists, colleagues and friends,

Pardon the holiday interruption, but the bullies at FOX are at it again. This time, they are trying to get Senator Obama and Senator Edwards to buckle to their threats and accusations. The senators are standing tall, tough and strong.

We must encourage them to resist the name-calling and intimidation and refuse to legitimize the propaganda network.

Watch video of the attacks:

Then sign the open letter supporting their decision. You helped us beat FOX on the Nevada debates, and stopped the Detroit debate. Now it's time to take your email lists, your blogs, your radio and newspapers, and let the world know. We support strength. We support candidates who don't cave to the bullies.

Thanks for everything you do,
Robert Greenwald

P.S. We just redesigned In addition to being the home for the best political video on the web, we're now starting to do live events. On Monday we covered Senator Dodd's filibuster threat with Cenk Uygur hosting several experts explaining the situation as it unfolded. We'll have similar coverage of the January 3rd Iowa caucuses. So stay tuned!


Jim Marquis said...

Wow, thanks for posting that. Avoiding Fox News is the smartest thing our candidates can do.

1138 said...

And some people wonder why I won't touch a product owned by NewsCorp.
Thanks for reminding me Lizzy.

Avoiding Faux News is the smartest thing ant vertebrate can do.

Snave said...

It is amazing to me that anything with such an extreme bias can call itself "news".

If they were calling themselves "FOX Conservative News", I might buy it... but there is nothing about their programming that is news. It is... programming.

Must... go vote... Republican now... Must call... names... Must... etc. ad nauseum