Thursday, September 13, 2007

John Edwards response to W's TV address

I really like this man. I hope his campaign can gain some traction.


Anonymous said...

I like Edwards as well, but I just want to see a bit more spine, a bit more campaigning against both the 'Party of the War' and the 'Party that won't stop the War'.

1138 said...

I agree with Kvatch.
Edwards says the right stuff - but he doesn't seem to have any "grit" for the tough stuff.

Randal Graves said...

Not being snarky here, but it's as if he expects the populace to automatically understand what's at stake. Far too many don't. "Well, of course the neocon maniacs have fucked everything up. Duh. What? I have to again remove the screen you keep on putting over your eyes?" Plus he says things, even when riled up, in such a nice way. I don't want Rudy! lunacy, but get angry once in awhile!

Lizzy said...

Yep, you guys nailed it. He needs to get pissed. In fact, all of the candidates do.

If any one of them would really get angry and speak their mind, it would go a long way.