Monday, June 18, 2007

It could be many things...

I'm not sure what it is.

Maybe because it's finally summertime
- or -
because I'm almost done with the Spring semester of school & I have my final coming up
because I'm completely burned out on politics (well, not completely)
because I'm slightly obsessed with MySpace

...but I haven't been into blogging lately, and I'm feeling bad about it.

I'm hoping this is only temporary. Anyone else feeling this way?


Mr. Middlebrow said...

Now is that any way for a newly minted "Thinking Blogger" to talk? ;^)

Seriously though, I think every blogger goes through this. It's either "what am I really doing but adding to the din?" or "what difference does it make if I blog or not?"

Passion is like a muscle. It needs downtime to recover and reinvigorate.

LET'S TALK said...

I think most are feeling this way because of summer and the fact that we were really looking for some difference in our house and senate.

We need more Democrats in both House's too really make a difference and until that happens, we are left with more of the same.

1138 said...

Lizzy, are you aware that your blog formatting is messed up?

Jim Marquis said...

Yeah, blogging is definitely an ebb and flow thing. Plus we're stil a long way from November 2008. Absolutely nothing for you to feel bad about...

Lizzy said...

Thanks, guys. I feel better now. I think it is because of summer. Bear with me while I go through this "ebb."

1138, the formatting looks fine on my PCs using IE, but not on my Mac using Safari or Firefox. What browser are you using?

PoliShifter said...

I can relate. It's tough to get inspired day in and day out.

I go through this struggle regularly where I question if it's worth it or not or why I do it.

Ultimately I do it for myself and because I enjoy it. It's a release for me; a way to vent and vetch.

But you shouldn't feel bad about it or beat yourself up.

I've been noticing lately too a weird shift in the energy out there. There's been a drop off.

It's not quite apathy but a collective helplessness that I sense.

We watch this President time and time again do things and say things that would get any other President tarred and feathered.

We listen day in and day to the Republicans screaming for that criminal Libby to be pardoned while they make him out to be a hero.

We watch Alberto Gonzales just keep doing what he's doing. Bush tells Congress they can have all the no-confidence votes they want,but ulitmately HE'S the decider, and he stated openly that it's HIS government and he'll do what he wants with it.

We see our media turn a blind eye and gleefully cover Paris Hilton while it's been made clear and open that we have a 50 year plan for Iraq, that Bush sees it kind of like another Korea.

We watch the vatican sized embassy rise, the permanent military installations fortified, and the death toll climb. We watch our tax dollars evaporate in the the desert sands of Iraq.

We see that all Bush wants is for the Iraqi Government to sign the production sharing agreements that would give 80% of Iraq's oil profits to Chevron, Exxon, Shell, and BP.

We read about our own government's plan to overthrow Malaki if he doesn't get the "hyrdocarbon law", the PSA' signed.

And yet all Chris Mathews can talk about is how manly Fred Thompson smells.

It's enough to make us all feel helpless and powerless.

And there in lies the danger. The goal is to breed apathy and helplessness so that people will just simmer down and let the government continue to do what it wants.

Notice how impeachment talk has died down?

Notice how the call to withdrawl from Iraq immediately has dwindled?

You're not the only one getting burned out and feeling burned up.

Even Cindy Sheehan couldn't take it any more.

Jim Marquis said...

Poli- I think a big reason the impeachment talk has died down is because people recognize that if the Dems go down that road it will make us look like we're more interested in revenge than problem solving.

Of course, I think it's entirely possible some things may be exposed in the next year that would put the "I" word back on everyone's lips.

Lizzy said...

I am feeling burned out, PoliShifter. Everything you wrote about it true, and I do feel helpless. When Cindy Sheehan threw in the towel, I understood it.

But, you're right. It's so important that we don't give up the fight...and I never will. I want to reclaim America back from these neocon freaks.

As far as impeachment goes, it shouldn't matter that some may perceive we'd be doing it for revenge. It's time to stop worrying about what people think, and do the right thing for this country...and to me, that means removing Bush & Cheney from office.

1138 said...

Lizzy, FireFox and Safari.
I don't use IE except when lame websites or banks insist.
I test the work I do for clients on IE, but that's only cause I have to.

Burnout? Yeah we've all got a dose of it's post partum depression with the Republican Congress being tossed out, we all expected "everything would be OK" with just one little old victory.
We're all sitting back wondering why the investigations haven't led to impeachment yet and why oh why we funded the war in Iraq.
We all should have known better, but we let optimism run away with us, forgetting that Democrats also voted to give the chimp authority to use force in Iraq when they should have held back for a declaration of war at worst or more missle strikes on so called WMD locations at the least.

But no, this mess wasn't built in a day, a month or a year and it won't be fixed that fast.

We're all burnt out and they keep waving this divisive immigration thing around like it's immediately critial. We've been building it for years and decades, there doesn't need to be a "comprehensive" solution this week.

Lizzy said...

Very good assessment, 1138.

...and with Pelosi taking impeachment off the table, it only makes it worse.

Tom Harper said...

There's definitely an ebb and flow involved in blogging, especially the political part of it. I cross-post all of my posts at Bring It On! and they require 3-4 posts a week, so I have to come up with something. I might write something non-political or marginally political, or if I'm completely blank I'll just link to a cartoon by Toles or Horsey (cartoonist for the Seattle daily).

There's nothing to worry about. There's bound to be something in the news that'll get you all fired up again.

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