Thursday, June 28, 2007

Indulge me for a moment

I'm testing Blogger's new video uploader with some footage I shot in the backyard today. Sorry it's so dark. I didn't use my regular camcorder.

This is only a test. There is better stuff to come.


Snave said...

Thanks for posting that, it was lots of fun! I might have to do something similar re. La Grande, Baby Mackie, etc.

I could watch videos of Norman and Stella for hours. There were a couple of nice-looking people in the video as well! And that back yard is very, very nice!

LET'S TALK said...

Hi Lizzy, great video, I was told about the Bloggers video upload.

I have not used it as of yet, is the upload fast or slow compared to You Tube and Google?

Thanks for convincing me to use Bloggers upload.

M said...

Are those new birds? Don't think I knew about those guys. Nice to see the old homestead.


Lizzy said...

Be careful what you ask for, Snave, because I have hours of Norman & Stella videos I could post on here!

Please post some La Grande & Baby Mackie clips. I'd love to see them. Thanks for the compliment on my backyard.

Let's Talk, I've never uploaded to YouTube and I've only uploaded to Google video once a long time ago so I don't remember the speed. Blogger's upload was pretty fast.

Michelle, I got Little Bird about a year ago. My next-door neighbors asked if I could take her off their hands and I agreed. She's a nice little bird, but we think she's insane.

Jim Marquis said...

Very cool, Lizzy. Good job.

Do a lot of people in Minnesota have pools?

Lizzy said...

Thanks, Jim.

No, most people in MN don't have pools due to the very short season, but I'm glad we have ours.

Elvez73 said...

Cool vid, your pups are the coolest.

Damien said...

Okay thats the first time I've ever heard your voice, coolness.