Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Temporary endorsement

Last week, I watched the first Democratic National Presidential Debate. I thought many of them did a good job, however one of them consistently represented my views.

He's also the only one to have the balls to bring up articles of impeachment against Cheney. That alone, is a huge factor for me.

I know that Dennis Kucinich doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of being the candidate, but until he drops out, he's my guy.


Snave said...

I had the honor of hearing him speak during the 04 campaign, believe it or not here in the little town in which I live. He stopped and spoke at the college for an hour or so. It was fun watching the locals' jaws drop as he convincingly talked about how different, how much better things could be in America... and that it can happen if people decide they want it to.

To me, he makes the most sense of the Democratic candidates. His problem is that he has been successfully branded and smeared by the right-wing spinners to the point that the media has spread that spin, and it has become "conventional wisdom" among intellectually lazy Americans that Kucinich is a loon, he's crazy, he's "way too far to the left", etc.

Well... I find him refreshing, at least! Getting to shake his hand was one of my personal highlights of 2004.

Elvez73 said...

I gotta agree Lizzy, he looked and answered better than the frontrunners, and I admire the hell out of the guy for his anti-war stance and the Cheney impeachment bill. I wasn't impresssed with Hillary, Obama, or Edwards, I'm kinda leaning towards Richardson right now.

Snave said...

The media hasn't contributed to the "conventional wisdom" about Richardson yet like they have regarding Kucinich. With a few positive breaks, I still think Richardson has a chance. He is still my favorite. I think the GOP smear machine would end up having to be VERY nit-picky to come up with dirt on the guy, enough so that if they try it they might end up looking rather foolish.

I still like Kucinich, though. I believe he has been rendered "unelectable" through a concentrated effort from the right, though.

Jim Marquis said...

I gotta say, he's got guts. I admire people who speak up like he does.

Damien said...

Man the dems are totally spoiled for choice at the moment, great stuff.

1138 said...

I admire Dennis but I couldn't vote for him unless I did it purely for symbolic reasons.
I can't think of a better person running for the office but like Snave I think Richardson is a better fit for the office.
DK, I love you but this isn't a best friend we're voting for, it's President and that requires a bit more pragmatism than you've got to offer.

Lizzy said...

What is it about Richardson that you guys like so much?