Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Maybe he should light one up in public?

Barack Obama on Letterman 04/09/2007

You know what I liked most about this interview? When Barack put the politics aside and talked about his struggle to quit smoking. I think he should do more of that.

When you share your flaws, you connect with people. It can make the average person sit up, take notice, and say, ya know, I've got that problem, too.

And, like Letterman jokingly said, it would be kinda cool to have a President that smoked.

Okay, okay, before anyone bites my head off -- I know that smoking is bad for you. I'm just saying that nobody's perfect, and he could use that to his advantage. He'd get the smoker's vote, for sure.


M said...

I agree and I know what you're saying - when people see that a candidate is human like the rest of us - it makes us feel a little bit closer to our leaders. They are more like us instead of being elitist rich jerks who most people can't relate to.

Elvez73 said...

I don't care if Barack smokes crack three times a day, he still has my vote! Seriously though I agree with you Lizzy an moto the fact that he struggles with a nasty habit does make him more human and likable to me, and less like some robot i.e. Hillary.

Anonymous said...

Now that being a non-smoker is so trendy, it's almost refreshing to see someone who smokes. (I never did smoke but I wasn't trying to jump on a bandwagon.) For me the biggest turnoff is anybody who wrinkles their nose and looks down at other people who are different. It doesn't matter if it's a smoker who hates nonsmokers, a vegetarian who hates meateaters, a booze addict who hates drug addicts (or vice versa), it's the same mentality.

Barack, light up another one, and wave it in the faces of all those health Nazis.

brdrake said...

I'm afraid I've become so sceptical of the status quo political dog-and-pony-show posturing and sound-bite yapping and preening...that Mr. Obama is also becoming blurry in my vision. Until politicians begin to address the REAL sources of the majority of our current ills; i.e the banking and monetary policy monster...they will fail to capture my loyalty.

But let's put that all aside for a moment, and pay our respects to a truly great American, Kurt Vonnegut, who passed Wed. at 84. The last book I read of his was the 2005 "A Man Without A Country" where he made one of the most astute observations of our current administration: "...upper-crust C-students who know no history or geography". Rest Mr. Vonnegut.

Lizzy said...

Moto, Remember when Bush 41 went into the grocery store (while campaigning) and was amazed by the bar code scanner? Elitist rich jerk? You betcha!

elvez, I agree. Hillary is too careful and controlled, and I believe that's the main reason people don't like her.

Tom, I know what you mean. However, I'd like to see him blow some smoke into the face of Cheney, Hannity, Coulter, or someone equally deserving. Now THAT would be cool.

Brian, I am sceptical too, but I need someone - anyone - to hold onto at this point. Obama isn't perfect by any means, but he is different. As far as the real problems, (banking, policy, upcoming RFD chips, investigating 9/11, etc) I have very little hope. That would require a revolution.

Thanks for mentioning Kurt Vonnegut. May he rest in peace.

PoliShifter said...

hey, we've had nearly 70 years of Hollywood beating into our heads that smoking was cool.

Hell, the other day I was watching a documentary on gangs during the 60's...everybody smoked.

Tune into any pre-1970 movie and everyone is smoking.

Pre 1950's everyone had ciggarette cases and fancy trays with crystal and an assortment of fine scotch, gin, and vodka complete with smoking jackets.

It shouldn't be but in the public mind smoking is still cool and rebelious. Even modern movies will often feature the main characters smoking for dramatic affect with the smoke wafting around their head or the actor blowing it for dramatic effect.

The question is, is Obama a 3 or 4 ciggarette a day guy at times when he needs a break to unwind or does he (or did he) chain smoke like Edward R Murle.

You know what would be fucking hilarious? To hear wingnuts (who for decades have supported BIG tobacco) go after Obama for smoking.

Love to see Big Pharma Limbaugh bag on Obama for smoking...The Hypocrisy would be lost on Druggy Limbaugh.

Sheryl said...

Actually, here in Texas when they had the governor's race Kinky Friedman kept throwing cigars around, and he had a voter ask him in a debate whether that didn't make him a lousy role model for kids watching. So it can just as easily backfire.

Anonymous said...

I find Obama's candor very refreshing, but I still don't think he's qualified--yet--to be president.

1138 said...

Me neither Kvatch, nor do I suspect that he will ever be.
He seems to be following the public mood rather than leading it.
Former smokers are going to rip on him bad if he lites one up.

brdrake said...

Lizzy...Revolution begins in the mind and requires dialog. Civil disobediance is a viable form of revolution. If you are hopeless, shut down this blog and start doing volunteer work because it's all meaningless without hope...and "action" trumps "talk" every time. Sadly, "needing someone/anyone to hold onto" is what's got us where we are. We are the government. Remember?

Lizzy said...

I know what you're saying, Brian. I shouldn't have said that I feel hopeless. I do feel that dialog is very powerful. I think the left-wing blogesphere has done a lot of good. Offering a different, or in my eyes "correct" point of view to the world, has helped to open the eyes of many people. We are also shaping the candidates because, in the end, we are their base.

I have volunteered for the Franken campaign, but I know that's not enough -- not by a long shot.

We all could be doing more.