Monday, April 02, 2007


Okay, here it goes...

Over the last few months, I've heard talk here & there that 9/11 was an inside job. I was like everyone else in that hearing something so horrifying was too much to bear, and far too much to stomach.

But, it stuck with me, so I started looking into it. I watched the documentary "
Confronting the Evidence," and others. There are well over 60 documentaries on the subject. The information out there is substantial.

Alex Jones' Martial Law 9/11: Rise of the Police State, is the one my sister recommends. This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.

When she was telling me about this film, she mentioned Marvin Bush and his connection to World Trade Center building 7. I said "wait, wait, wait, hold on a second, Marvin Bush, who is that?" She said, "it's another brother." I said, "there's ANOTHER one?" Yes, there is indeed another one, folks. Fuck.

I know I'm going out on a limb with this post, so please, do your own research and make your own conclusions. Research building 7 to start. It was not hit by a plane and it was barely on fire, yet it came down as fast as the others.

[WTC 7] contained offices of the FBI, Department of Defense, IRS (which contained prodigious amounts of corporate tax fraud, including Enron’s), US Secret Service, Securities & Exchange Commission (with more stock fraud records), and Citibank’s Salomon Smith Barney, the Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management and many other financial institutions. [Online Journal]

Look at the Pentagon crash next. A 757 is a big plane. Where is the debris?

And, finally, take a hard look at the Twin Towers. A 110 story steel building cannot come down in 10 seconds, without help.

Do not believe the official story. Do you believe anything else they've said? You shouldn't treat this any differently.

Who gained from 9/11? Who used our fear to put their plans into action, and do whatever else they wanted? Why did Bush sit in that chair for 7 minutes after being told that the "nation was under attack?" I know he's an idiot, but come on! And, why aren't they really looking for Bin Laden?

I know it's the worst possible thing to imagine that it was an inside job. I do, and I'm not alone.


Jim Marquis said...

I will always believe this was a setup. It's just such a simple equation: Bush wants to invade Iraq, 9-11 happens, Bush uses our hysteria to sell invading Iraq.

Lizzy said...

I'm very glad to hear you say that, Jim. I was bracing myself for some backlash, but so far, so good.

PoliShifter said...

It's a tough call Lizzy.

Right now there seems to be an information dump going on with wilder conspiracy theories being put out to help discredit those that may he hitting close to the truth.

There's the Loose Change documentaries and documentaries to counter Loose Change.

There's too many rats in this cage for them not to have known what was going on.

Bush Sr. was meeting with the Bin Laden family.

Bush jr. sat stunned for a while in an elementary school. The secret service didn't seem to be in a hurry to move him to safety.

Someone was shorting stocks the days leading up to 9/11.

The Bin Laden family was hurredly flown out of the U.S. before they could be questioned.

Bin Laden was trained by the CIA to fight against the USSR and has been a long time CIA operative.

How did NORAD miss two jets doing u-turns in the skies over New York?

Why were fighter jets grounded on orders from Cheney (something like that...Cheney was giving some weird orders on 9/11 before the attack, I just don't remember the specifics)

Anyway, did BushCo plan 9/11? Or did they just let it happen and take advantage of it? Was it an inside job?

I think it is deffinately worth a close look. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered.

Why did we invade Iraq? Why didn't we get Bin Laden? Why didn't we shut down the Taliban?

Unfortunately as we move further away from 9/11 the more lore gets developed, the more facts get distorted, and the more propaganda on both sides gets developed.

There are plenty of ultrawingnut kooks putting out whacky conspiracy theories to help discredit (in their minds) conspiracy theories from more legitimate sources.

I am still not sure if our government is even capable of pulling something like 9/11 off. I think BushCo would like us to think they were all powerful but I don't think they are. I think they sort of bumbled into it making decisions here and there along the way that enabled 9/11.

It is certainly not beyond the character of our country to do something like this.

For decades historians have debated if FDR knew of the attacks on Pearl Harbor hours before they happened. Prior to Pearl Harbor FDR was having some of our ships sail into German waters trying to provoke an attack in order to garner public support for war.

There's the whole Gulf of Tonkien incident.

There's the hostage crisis in 1979 where Reagan made a deal with the Iranians to NOT release the hostages until after the elections.

Our CIA has been involved in numorous coup's, assasniations, and nation destabilization operations all over the world.

Ultimately each individual will have to decide what they believe.

The problem is now that to get the real facts, one has to watch hundreds of hours of video and read thousands of pages of documents.

Most of us are too lazy to undertake such a task and so we go with what's the most convenient answer.

The problem with conspiracy theories is that they are easy targets for criticism.

Tommy said...
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Tommy said...

I do firmly believe Bush & Co. had something to do with 9/11. To what extent remains yet to be seen.

Just the fact that that nothing has happened since 9/11 makes me wonder about it even more.

I keep bracing myself for something
to happen, and nothing ever does.

We also need to look into all of the Anthrax poisonings. Was this a part of the big picture as well? Its funny how it all just stopped at once, but they kept the terror alert levels high for years afterward.

Something went down, but what?

Has anyone read or seen the movie Catch-22? War for profit folks. Nothing generates revenue like death & destruction. War is BIG business. It is truly a sad state.

pissed off patricia said...

The only thing I feel sure about is that they had clues it was coming and they did nothing. They ignored the warnings. Why?

Snave said...

jfcsrNo backlash here either, L.

While I am not sure yet that it was an inside job, I believe the administration knew it was coming but chose not to do anything about it. I believe they knew that if something like this happened, they would basically have their way with the American people. I am not sure they planned it, but I am pretty sure they ignored intelligence on purpose, and went ahead and let the attacks happen. Bush's comments about hitting the "trifecta" make me nauseous, as does his comnment a few short months after "9-11": "All in all, it's been a great year for Laura and me." It makes it sound like he was overjoyed that "9-11" happened, because now he had his "Pearl Harbour" moment necessary for whipping up public fear and anger, and setting things up for an o.k. of his Iraq invasion.

Bush, Cheney and their administration are a group of sick people. Complicitness? I will have to do a bit more research, but I am inclined to believe that if they weren't complicit in the attacks, they at least knew about them but did nothing to stop them. I don't believe Elvis and Jim Morrison are still alive, or that the Apollo moon walks were faked... but I find it hard to disbelieve Bush could have been involved in "9-11". Like you say, the events raise far too many more questions than they answer.

If what I believe is actually true, I hope those guilty get their just desserts, whatever that might include. Maybe being inside a building collapsed by carefully placed explosives would be just desserts. What do you think?

I at least want to know how much they knew, when they knew it, what if anything was done to stop the attacks, why they were so adamantly against the formation of a 9-11 Commission, and why the commission's recommendations weren't implemented. If those stones are overturned, I am fairly sure we will find out even more things that are repulsive and astonishing.

Snave said...

I'm disappointed, I went to Nutflix and was only able to find one "9-11" movie that looked like it raised questions. Scheise. I will simply have to order a few of the ones from the link you provided! Thanks for that link.

Lizzy said...

Snave, Many of the films are online (I link directly to some of them), but I know it kind of sucks to watch an entire film in front of your PC.

You guys made some excellent points. No matter what you believe, the facts of what happened don't jibe with the 9/11 Commission Report.

They knew it was coming, or they set it up...either way, they were complicit in the events.

Having this knowledge makes you look at everything BushCo does in a whole new light. Whether it's Bush & Cheney freaking out that the Dems want to have a timetable for withdrawal, or criticizing Nancy Pelosi for going to Syria, it's messing with their plans - their New World Order.

We have to mess up their plans. They are 10 steps ahead of us already (i.e. Bush's land grab in Paraguay.)

They must be stopped.

Tommy said...

I couldn't agree with you more, Lizzy.

brdrake said...

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, please go to and watch the interview Aaron Russo had with Conscious Media Network.
The "War On Terror" is a joke. Pure and simple. 9/11 was certainly conceived, planned, and carried out by our own government...fully aware that the average American would be too frightened/stupid/uninformed to question any action taken to "capture and bring to justice the evil-doers." Everyone's brains turned to shit by 9/12, and that's exactly what the fuckers hoped for. It was a no-brainer to declare war on Iraq....the fever of misguided patriotism had 'em lined up to sign on the dotted line. The list is long, and includes Wellstone, Hillary, Edwards, et al. Sure, a few have said they are "sorry, and made a mistake", but in reality, attacking Iraq made as much sense as The U.S. attacking Poland in retaliation for Pearl Harbor! Practically the rest of the globe said "no", but it didn't matter. Bush basically told the U.N. to go fuck itself, and the rest of us sat by and watched...ribbons and flags everywhere. Yes, it was an "inside job". When will the mainstream media find the balls to let their lemming following in on the fix?

Elvez73 said...

Bush and co. are undeniably culpable for the events of 9-11. Their ineptitude and lack of respect for people like Richard Clark are all a matter of public record. These guys are certainly conniving theiving bastards, but I can't believe it was an inside job, I will check out some of the films you cite Lizzy, but as much as I despise Cheney and W, and as much as I think they should both end up in the dock at The Hague for warcrimes and negligance prior to 9-11, I just can't believe that these guys are that evil, but any thinking person would have their doubts.

Jim Marquis said...

Elvez- This kind of thing is all about justification. They wouldn't see themselves as evil...they would see themselves as "big picture" guys who would say the lost American lives were simply the cost of remaking the Middle East.

Anonymous said...

I think 9/11 was an inside job. I don't have any specific theories about who's responsible; I don't think GWB helped plan it because he's too dumb.

But the official story just doesn't add up. 19 Arabs simultaneously hijacked 4 airliners, killed the airline crews with boxcutters and made precise hits on the Pentagon and WTC; and they had minimal flight training. And NORAD didn't intercept any of the planes.

Nope. Doesn't wash.

LET'S TALK said...

I agree with pissed off patricia.

Just maybe they had clues and they did nothing. I recall Bush being briefed on Osama bin Laden, plans to use planes to attack America... he was on vacation at the ranch at the time, so nothing was ever done about it.

Lizzy said...

But, the big question now is, what are we gonna do about it?

From the Patti Smith article:
"In a perfect world, these folks would unite and do something really revolutionary: create the biggest environmental movement ever seen, unite and save our fuckin' planet, unite and make change, a new political party. Topple the government and start a new government. How to do it? Read Ralph Nader's books. There's a whole new revolution, but they don't even know (they're) a revolution. They could be a force that has never been seen before. I'd like to see new generations create a new party; pragmatic, unified, and have guts. Republicans are evil, Democrats have moved to the center and are weak."

Patti is right. There are 656 days left in the BushCo presidency. Can we wait that long? Can you imagine what else we are going to learn in the next 2 years? There is practically a new scandal coming out every other day.

We should do something. These circle jerks we all do of agreeing on everyone else's blog postings isn't enough.

Of course I'm not talking about anything violent, but some kind of movement is necessary.

elvez, I know it's a tough one to stomach, so please, look into everything that was posted, and go beyond that. Eventually, it's going to hit you like a ton of bricks. I agree that Bush is too stupid to pull something like this off, but he's just a figurehead. It's Cheney, Rove, Wolfowitz, Richard Pearl, Rumsfeld, and the other neocon "Project for a New American Century" fucks that had their hand in it. J. Marquis is right when he said that it's not about "being evil." For them it's all about the big picture. Getting the oil, becoming a police state, world domination. We mean absolutely nothing to them. Anything that happens to us, the soldiers in Iraq (and the next wars they start) is just collateral damage to them.

So, what is the next step? I know the left-wing of the Democratic party has strengthened some of our elected officials, but if we do manage to elect a Dem President is anything going to really change? I have very little faith. Maybe it is time to start a brand new party.

Snave said...

That's why I became a Green... just kind of a symbolic move, because I know the Greens will probably never exert any political power over anyone or anything... but I have just gotten to where I don't have a whole lot of faith in the Democrats to get any kind of decent job done. Anyway, I will continue to vote for whoever I think will beat the Republican candidate in most cases.

Anonymous said...

I've been a lurker for a while...and I really like your blog.

I too, don't know to what extent BushCo was involved, but I think the key is to start with WTC 7. Debris and small fires don't bring down an entire steel building. I could understand if part of the building collapsed, but this was a uniform collapse right into its own footprint. Very suspect. Besides that, BBC reporters reported that WTC 7 had collapsed almost half an hour BEFORE it actually collapsed. Hmmm...someone must have issued the press release too early!

Lizzy said...

Welcome to my blog, playtah. Building 7 is a good place to start. There were only small fires burning, yet Larry Silverstein gave the orders to "pull it." Why didn't the sprinklers go off? They could have easily put out those small fires.
Larry Silverstein, WTC 7,
and the 9/11 Demolition

Snave, I have been tempted to become a Green, as well. I'm going to hold out until after the next election, and then take it from there. I do identify my positions with the Greens more than any other party.

Jim Marquis said...

Maybe I'm naive but I think if we can put a Democrat in the White House next time and keep control of Congress you guys will be pleasantly surprised how things are going by the time the 2012 election rolls around.

Jesus, 2012? Sounds like we're all characters in a sci-fi novel...

Snave said...

"Jesus, 2012?"

Now J., just as long as you aren't suggesting that He run in 2012... heheheh! The closest thing to the evangelical concept of Jesus we will see running for pres in '12 is likely going to be Jeb.

If Jesus does run, I believe he will run as a liberal, anyway.

Jim Marquis said...

And I'm sure the GOP would try to "swiftboat" him...probably say he only fed 100 people with the fishes and loaves or claim he actually turned water into turpentine...

Snave said...

LOL! Great one, J.! They'd be whining about how he turned old fishes into moldy bread, or how he was anti-business by the cleaning out of the temple.

Snave said...

And yes, Lizzy, why aren't they really looking for Bin Laden? This is maddening. It seems like not only could the Clinton administration possibly have caught the guy, but the Bushies have now had something like 6 1/2 years to get the job done. We hear very little about Osama Bin Laden anymore... did the White House decide he isn't as effective a bogeyman as he used to be?

1138 said...

Here's as far as I'll take it.
the moment Bush took office, he proceeded to cancel everything that had the name Clinton on it.
That included an international operation to rescue Afghanistan from the Taliban.
The is no stretching to conclude that a non Iraq intelligence interest in a Saudi named Bin Laden that had helped his father's boss in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union.
We have evidence of this with the F.B.I. telling agents that they wanted no further reports of Arabs trying to get flying lessons or rumors of a hijack operation.
In my mind the evidence points to this administration letting the operation happen, while hoping for the worst and getting even more.

That's enough for me - disappearing planes (and passengers), explosives planted by precision demolition crews, and remote controlled airliners aren't needed and wild conspiracy theories only help hide the horrible truth that is far more damning and far more supportable.

This President failed America seven full months into his administration and blames his predecessor, a flat out lie.

Lizzy said...

Snave & J, That reminds me of the bumper sticker "Jesus was a liberal." I bet when the neocons see that sticker, it kills them. Too bad it doesn't make their heads explode, ala "Scanners."

I'm with ya, Polishifter. "Blame Clinton"...isn't that talking point #3 in the Bush playbook? But, here's a good question, why the hell is Bill hanging around with Bush Sr? It gives me the willies. Just another reason to not support, Hillary, huh.

Snave said...

Or maybe their heads explode like those of the Martians in Tim Burton's masterpiece "Mars Attacks"... wasn't it the playing of a Slim Whitman record that caused their brains to explode?

1138 said...

Yes Lizzy it's a very good reason not support Billary and shows that those of us who thought Bill was "Republican Lite" when he was in office were correct all along.
When the rabid right wing call Hillary and Bill liberal they are putting the wrong shade of paint of the wrong species of elephant.
All that said, nearly everyone on earth knew during the Clinton and Daddy Bush years that trying to occupy Iraq was an impossible mission, until 911 removed their good sense.
Iraq was better off for us, the world, and themselves contained rather than ripped open and made available to Iranian Shia domination the Sunni minority that Saddam belonged to, is history in Iraq.
But the Saud family will fund insurgents as will Iran and the place will become more of a threat to the world than ever before, and that's true if we leave tomorrow or leave in 10 years.

Has anyone else here heard about the US helping fund Taliban in Pakistan that are conducting terror operations in Iran?
I'm looking for an online source, I say the story in a short clip on one of the news shows this weekend.