Friday, March 10, 2006

Open letter to Bill Maher

On the off-off-off-off hand chance that Bill Maher's people read the liberal blogs, I have a suggestion for his show:

Dear Bill,

Before the show starts, please take a moment to tell your guest panel to make sure that everyone gets equal time. Tell them that taking turns to speak is a good thing, and to not dominate the conversation - no matter who they are.

Bill, maybe you could have a secret symbol to signal to your guests when they are over-talking. You could tug your ear or something. That would have been helpful two weeks ago with Eddie Griffin and last week with DL Hughley. Hughley was alright, but the editor of Vanity Fair, Graydon Carter, hardly got a word in edgewise...and he was extremely interesting.



Anonymous said...

Please add this to your letter:
P.S. Speaking of comedians. No more comedians who add nothing to the conversation but keep trying to plug a joke every 30 seconds. (Chris Rock, Eddie Griffin, etc) You're comedians, you're funny we get it. Now add something useful to the conversation or shut up!

M said...

Larry Miller was pretty un-funny tonight. I was with Gloria Steinem - she wasn't sure what his point was. Steinem, on the other hand, was so articulate, full of so much wisdom and smarts. I was so glad she was on.

But, anyway, Lizzy, I agree. Sometimes the brightest people he has on there are on the quiet side.

Anonymous said...

As you know, I am not a far left democrat. However, I love Bill Maher. I agree to your statement regarding equal time for his panel.
And may I say his New Rules RULE!

Lizzy said...

Urban Legend, Welcome to my blog! Great comment - I agree.

Moto, Steinem was brilliant. She was one guest that I didn't mind taking up a lot of time. I could listen to her all day.

Sister Laura, New Rules does rule!

Jim Marquis said...

I thought Gloria was great (though she has a tendency to talk too much about polls and surveys).

The little Indian conservative guy
was way too mousey to be on this kind of show.

Larry Miller just seemed kind of dumb.

Lizzy said...

Didn't the little Indian guy seem tranny-ish? (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)