Friday, March 17, 2006

The 5 Point Plan that nobody knows about

I'm the one that always defends Howard Dean, but it's getting increasingly hard. What is he doing for our party? He's a good fundraiser, but what we really need right now is to get our agenda out there.

Repubs like to say that while their own ideas are wrong, at least they have ideas. Ok, maybe they don't put it like that, but you get my drift. They say that we Dems are only united by our hatred of Bush, and that we don't have any of our own ideas. You & I know that couldn't be further from the truth, but why isn't anyone on this?

We have a great agenda. The DNC calls it the "Five-Point Plan for 2006," but if the average Jane & Joe doesn't go to, how would they know about it?

With Dubya's poll numbers falling fast, we have the opportunity of a lifetime to increase our party. If the Dems don't grab the bull by the horns (or elephants by the tusks) then we'll deserve what we get -- more of the same.

It's time to think outside the box. What's the best way to get our message across? Advertise!!


noah1017 said...

Hi, this is Noah Lizzy,s nephew.
I agree that the Democratic party needs to start speaking up.
I like to hope that they have some master plan of when and how to strike, but my hopes are dwindleing.

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Anonymous said...

Repubs like to say that while their own ideas are wrong, at least they have ideas.

Really? I find this incredibly funny. To hear the Republicans in Congress or any of the memebers of the right-wing noise machine tell it, everything is still the fault of the evil l'bruls. As if there was some form of Democratic shadow government that was actually pulling the strings.

"Don't attack the problem, attack the liberals."

Jim Marquis said...

I very much agree. The Dems have to start putting out a cohesive message. The polls prove the public wants a change but they have to know we have real ideas and not just a laundry list of criticism.

Damien said...

Strike while the irons hot I say, strike hard damn they should be making hits on te GOP. Heck even those closest to Dubya are withdrawing. Yeah time to check out Noahs blog.

Snave said...

I'm going to check out your blog too, Noah!

As we "celebrate" three years of war in Iraq, I think one thing the anti-war movement should do is drive home the following point at every opportunity: we are also nearing the anniversary of "Mission Accomplished". We can't let them forget about that one, and we can't let it go by lightly. Persistence will pay off in the long run.

Lizzy said...

I copied & pasted this to Gov. Dean, himself. It will be interesting to see if I get a response.

Thanks for checking out my nephew's blog, guys. He's a good kid.

osisbs said...

Bush owns Diebold and Diebold controls the voting machines. As they said in "Aliens" "In case you haven't been keeping up on current events man, we're toast. It's game over, dude."