Friday, March 24, 2006

He's very into greetings

After another week of Bush follies, it's time to lighten things up.

My parrot, Wellstone, is now 14 months old. He is going to be a excellent talker. He already says:

Hello Bird
Hello Little Bird
Hello Wellstone
Hello Liz
Nornie /Nornie-Boy (our pet names for our Frenchie, Norman)
Woubie (one of many pet names for our pug, Stella)

Other fun facts:
Whenever the phone rings, he says hello.
He imitates the microwave.
He says "hello bird" to the birds outside.

He is also working on sentences, but will only practice them when I'm out of the room.

More to come in the upcoming months, and years...


alok said...

first time reader of your blog and im impressed about the description of yourself. Truly remarkable.

Lizzy said...


Snave said...

"Impeach Bush! Impeach Bush! Awk!!"

Damien said...

hey hey its Welstone,

Polly want a supreme court inquiry