Thursday, March 30, 2006

After speaking with a local bird expert, as well as Wellstone's vet, I've decided to give Little Bird back to her former owners.

The risk is too large to take.

Tom isn't going to be happy, but Wellstone's health is my priority. Maybe someday we'll have another little bird, but next time we'll do it right with a 30 day quarantine & the whole bit.


Damien said...

We had a birdie for years and years when I was a kid, apparently he went missing. Only found out a couple of years back our beloved (and long departed cat 'Mr Applebee') finished him off. I know its sad conversation stopper.

Anonymous said...

Slightly off-topic: "Wellstone"? You have a pet named, Wellstone? Named after the greatly missed former Senator from Minnesota, I assume?

After we moved from Minneapolis to Washington, D.C., the frogette got the opportunity to meet the Senator--a small brush with greatness.