Wednesday, July 20, 2005

We can walk AND chew gum!

I know the Supreme Court nominee news is important, however why can't CNN (and the like) cover more than one big story at a time? Do they think the general public is stupid, or is it just lazy journalism? You would think having a 24 hour news cycle would give them enough time to cover everything, but I guess not. And, don't get me started on network news - they really suck.

The Rove leak must stay foremost in the news. If journalists and reporters can stay on the ball and do their job, this story has the potential of unraveling the Bush presidency.


Sheryl said...

Hey Lizzy,

I know what you mean!!!!!

Here are some alternative links online. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get my Real Player to work since I updated my operating system, but I like bypassing CNN and the network media as well:

Barbara Boxer and Jane Harman Discuss CIA leak

BBC Report On Karl Rove

NPR's Reports

Democracy Now

Lizzy said...

Thanks for the great links, Sheryl.

I often check out the BBC (& many others) to catch up on the US news. What a sad state of affairs.

Fred said...

If the missing body in Aruba appears...we are screwed!

Sheryl said...

You're welcome. Actually here is a much better source:

Government Reform Committee's Website

I should email this to my friend Charles. He's thinking of having a discussion meeting on this topic. :-)

Anonymous said...

You really think the Rove non-event will 'unravel' the Bush presidency?

Even if Rove did anything illegal, (which even Democrats doubt) would only result in his 'spending more time with his family'., and nothing more.

Liberals have no ideas, no strategy, no direction other than 'we hate bush'.

Even W's nomination of Roberts is a brilliant chess move. Roberts is liked by everyone, has a great record, and is a true 'stealth' pro-lifer. But Dems are handcuffed, because Roberts has only issued appellate rulings.

Keep thinking bush is an idiot, as he kicks the shit out of democrats. It's fun to watch.

Sheryl said...

There's one little problem with your theory. The pro-life issue, along with the stem cell one, are probably the two most devisive issues in the Republican party right now.

I am not sure that a great chess player sets up his pawns to fight amongst themselves.

Sheryl said...

In terms of Rove, he clearly violated the non-disclosure agreement he signed, and there is the issue of that executive order as well.

And even the Republicans refer to Rove as Bush's brain, so if goes, it will be a like a Presidential lobotomy. Hahahaha.

Lizzy said...


Hey veloxmortis, the reason you haven't heard our strategy is because the conservative media fails to report it. If you want to take a chance and learn something, you can read all about our agenda here:

Damien said...

When Rove goes, the information filter that has surrounded this president will go.

Watching the first Chimp is like watching a child who starts a fire and ends up burning down his ownhouse, he's totally out of his depth.

Sheryl said...

The "first Chimp." I like that. :-)

Lizzy said...