Monday, July 25, 2005

My girl

Stella looking up and giving me a big smile.

In an insane world, my dogs help to keep me sane...although some may disagree with that last part..


Jim Marquis said...

I never get tired of your doggie pictures. They are way cool pooches.

Damien said...

Stellas my fav, looks like a trouble maker though.

Lizzy said...

Thanks guys. I agree.

I think of the two, Norman tips the scales in the trouble-maker department, but Stella is right there with him when he's up to no good.

Snave said...

Awww... ! Dey aw dus' toot yiddo youby doobers!

Seriously, if I was looking up "cute" in the dictionary, a picture of your dogs could be used as the definition (after Baby Mackie, of course!)