Friday, July 29, 2005


From what I've read & heard, the main problem with our party is that we are split into two camps: the liberal Democrats (us) and the centrist DLC (Democratic Leadership Council) Democrats. To me, they are Republican-lites.

Of course, I'll take ANY Democrat over another Republican any day, but we should be aware of this.

From Daily Kos:

...Keep chasing the "vital center", and you'll prevent the Democratic Party from standing for core principles. The GOP polls to find the best ways to sell their agenda, the Democratic Party polls to find that "vital center", and then demands its politicians chase after those popular positions.

Yet time and time again, the public rewards those with convictions (Feingold, anyone?), and punishes those who wanter the political landscape aimlessly, with no moral compass or overarching core philosophy.

The netroots and grassroots both get it. The DLC doesn't. Instead of working as a team, they want to divide. They want to excommunicate certain Democrats from the party. They are as bad as the single-issue groups they love to decry. They are the enemy within. And Democrats that associate with them are telegraphing who they stand with.

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Damien said...

I can't honestly say I've ever considered myself a centrist. Although the point had been made in the UK to stunning effect, essentually the center is hallowed ground for the Labour party, the've denied the conservative party any breathing space. Now that would never work in the US, because both parties market themselves via the bi-partisan divide. And obviously the current Conservative base is still entrenched to the right.