Saturday, May 21, 2005

Or, just watch Fox News

From The Propaganda Remix Project


Donald said...

I used to live in America a number of years ago, but I got tired of all the b.s. The place has already gone to hell in a handbasket.

I wandered the world for a while, then found a place to settle where I wouldn't be bombarded with all the religion and politics.

I found your blog by checking the links on Snave's site. Please come by my site sometime! Cheers.

Lizzy said...

Welcome to my blog, Donald.

I tried to check out your blog, but it seemed to be having technical difficulties. I'll check back later.

Jim Marquis said...

Great picture, Lizzy. I was reading over at
that Fox News ratings have been going down the last 6 months. Maybe the public if finally starting to understand how disconnected that outfit is from reality.

Lizzy said...

Glad you liked it, J. There are a bunch of good posters like that one on the site.

I heard that about Fox News, too. Let's hope their downward ratings spiral continues.