Saturday, May 14, 2005

Forcing our hand?

Is the right-wing trying to start a new civil war between the red states and the blue states? Maybe they just like playing chicken with our chemical plants, unchecked cargo containers, unscanned airplane luggage, etc. Are they attempting to fast-track the end of days? Could they actually think that their lord & savior is going to save them?

What is the motivation here?


Snave said...

Playing chicken? They ARE chicken. If they aren't trying to start a civil war between blue and red states, they seem to be wanting a cultural war between fundamentalists and non-fundamentalists.

Maybe I'm way off base here, but I believe there are fundamentalists in our government who wouldn't mind seeing the "end of days" get here.

I think for quite a few people who believe that stuff, there is an underlying sense of worry i.e. "What if what we believe isn't really true after all?" Thus the worry and paranoia take over, and to prove their beliefs are true, they try to hasten things along in an effort to reassure themselves. So if they aren't trying to hasten Armageddon... then they aren't doing what they perceive to be "the Lord's work".

Part of hastening Armageddon along necessarily means they get nasty and aggressive when they achieve positions of power.

Snave said...

Lizzy, here is an article I know you will enjoy. Please check it out at

And one of these days I'll figger out how to put in working links in my comments, but hey, cut and paste that puppy and check out this great article on why biblical-based religions are an obstacle to freedom.

Lizzy said...

The link didn't lead me to a specific article. Which one should I read?

Thanks, Snave.

Snave said...

"Why Biblical Religions Are an Obstacle to Freedom" by Shadia B. Drury is the one I thought you might like. Now go check it out!

Lizzy said...

From the artile:
In the end, America will become more like her enemies-a society where a particular conception of virtue has primacy over liberty. This will not necessarily happen quickly in an apocalyptic manner; but quietly, gradually, and subtly, liberty will be eroded.

It's happening now.