Friday, May 13, 2005

Senator Franken

I just finished watching the last Real Time with Bill Maher of the season. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. After these last few months (or should I say, years) of repeated republican assaults on our country, I think we all needed a good laugh. Thank you, Bill, Gore Vidal, and especially my homeboy, Al Franken, for picking up this weary liberal's spirits.

Speaking of Al, he will be our next great Senator of Minnesota. I can't wait until he hands the Bush-ass-kissin' Norm Coleman his hat.


M said...

You beat me to it! I was going to post almost the same thing. Go AL!!!!! The only thing I think he needs to work on is becoming a faster speaker and getting his thoughts out more clearly. I'm sure a little time with a speech expert will help him hone those skills. He'll need it to compete with that ass-kisser. I think he has a serious serious chance. And to think he grew up right where you and I did! I honestly think the spirit of Wellstone is within him.

I love how Coleman was changing the subject of how the chemical plants are not guarded well to talking about something else. Whatta shmuck!

Gore Vidal was a riot. The reporter from ABC was a little too sweet and inexperienced to keep up with those guys. I think she tried too hard to be the "non biased" reporter. Someone a bit more fiery would have been better, but, nevertheless, a great way to end the season.

Lizzy said...

I agree with everything you said. Al does need to work on his speaking, but once he gets that down, watch out! I also believe that the spirit & passion of Wellstone lives on in him. They were friends, so that makes sense.

Coleman is a traitor to his party, and an asshole. He can't even give a strait answer to a simple question. He is just like all the rest of them.

Cool sidenote to all: Al Franken grew up in Moto & I's hometown. Also, his mother was a realtor, and she sold my parents our house.

Jim Marquis said...

Al is great. He will make mincemeat out of Coleman. I thought it was pretty funny when Maher was talking about how dumb actors are compared to comedians.

Snave said...

I haven't listened to Franken that much on Air American, but I have read his books. I think the Republican strategy against him would be to pull quotes from his books (including his not-as-political ones like "Oh The Things I Know") and try to use the quotes to tar him as "anti-family values". Oh dear! He used the "F" word! He must hate America! There are enough voters out there who would automatically refuse to vote for Al as soon as Coleman's (Bush's) folks started bandying the quotes about. On the other hand, I think Minnesota's electorate would be tired of Coleman's(Bush's) crap by the next election, and smart enough to know that more of that same crap would be detrimental to the state and the nation... that they would quite possibly elect Al.

Coleman seems to me like nothing but a slick sleazeball. How he ever got elected in the first place is beyond me. I think Wellstone would have made mincemeat of the guy. Dang.

M said...

I was also thinking that Al could get his crack team of young researchers together again, as he did for his Lying Liars book. It could be almost like Clinton - a group of young people willing to work their asses off to keep the information flowing to Al as he campaigns.

As for the F word, well at least he didn't tell someone in Congress to fuck off as our illustrious vice president did.

Snave said...

Moto, you are absolutely right re. my F-word oversight. I think Al is certainly quick enough to turn that one around on the Repugs should they bring that one up... and the idea of a team of young researchers gathering facts which Al could deliver to the people... it's a thing of beauty!