Monday, May 02, 2005


Yeah, sure, I'm an elitist liberal...but that doesn't mean I can't watch American Idol...right?

When Bill Maher said this about Constantine, I was right there with him:

Rejected "American Idol" contestant, Constantine Maroulis must be destroyed. Because he kept trying to fuck me through my television set. I don't know why you singled me out, Constantine Maroulis, but I didn't fall for it. Sure, you may have the smoky, sexy voice of a rock-and-roll bad boy, the lean stature of a Greek god and a sultry gaze that makes my loins stir, but that doesn't make me gay!

Ok, maybe not gay in my case, but he did bring me back to my Leif Garrett days.

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Damien said...

Damn our coverage must be a week or so behind yours - poor poor Constantine. My hetro sheild needs immediate repairs.