Saturday, May 28, 2005

The New Lizzy

Well, here I am. I went from long & brown to short & blonde. They cut between 10-12 inches and said that I had enough hair to make a couple of wigs. My Mom lost her hair when she had chemo, so it made me feel good to donate the hair to Locks of Love.

Although it took over 4 hours, I am pleased with the result. What do you think?


Jim Marquis said...

Very nice! Especially good look for summer.

halcyon67 said...

I like it. I agree with Marquis, blonde is a good look for summer, and so is short hair.

I have to get my hair cut too, it is too long. Almost down to my ass.

I may have to dye my hair a darker brown, because when I blow dry my hair, the heat makes my hair lighter. Don't you hate that? And my eye brows are dark, and I don't want to have light brown hair with really dark eye brows.

M said...

You look gorgeous, my friend! I love it. Fresh and new. Doesn't your head feel light? Are those different glasses, too?

Proud of you. Changes are always good.

Snave said...

Very, very nice!! The shape of the haircut flatters the shape of your face. Kudos to the person who cut it, and to you for making such a dramatic change! Looks great!

Lizzy said...

Thanks everyone. You guys are the best.

Yep, my head does feel lighter - much. Good eyes, M, you are right, they are new glasses!

Damien said...

Looking good Lizzy, loving the new lenses - prob need new ones myself, hmmm maybe I should make that my shopping mission for the week.

Douglas said...

I saw your comment in a SDak Blog moaning about not getting recognized. Well my blog isn't causing my telephone to ring off the wall because of interview requests either.

I will put a link to your blog in mine. I can't write much about my hair. It rapidly turned gray and started falling out without benefit of harsh chemicals.

Keep stirring the liberal soup.

Lizzy said...

Kinda harsh, Douglas. I wasn't moaning - I was merely saying how cool it was that his blog was mentioned on CNN.

Thanks for the link, I'll do the same...if you're nice. : )

Douglas said...

My intent was not to be harsh.

I can't promise to be nice or even right all the time, but now and then I stumble onto interesting things even if I may not always put the nicest spin on them.

My daughter (happens to be in Mineeapolis) now and then persuades her mother to put some blond highlights in her hair. Helps her look happier even if she is married to me. Which reminds me of something really not very nice.

One of my friends from years back happened to visit our community. He likes antiques and other peoples junk. So he stopped in a local community store which sends profits on used clothes, etc to some charity.

Anyway, he wandered around for awhile and then asked if he could use their phone to call me. He mentioned my name and noted that he was at least partially responsible for my wife and I meeting.

A woman also shopping who overheard the conversation said, "Well, you sure didn't do HER any favors."

My friend was a bit shocked at that but could not resist telling us that anyway.

Just in case you still think you might want to put a link to my blog somewhere, I generously provide the link below:

Take aLook at the photo albums if you don't like the harsh political environment.