Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A New Hope?

From Barbara Boxer's PAC For a Change:

If you were wondering if we won or lost the debate on judicial filibusters, look no further than the following statement from James Dobson, founder of "Focus on the Family" and a key architect of the right-wing extremist movement:

"This Senate agreement represents a complete bailout and betrayal by a cabal of Republicans and a great victory for united Democrats. The rules that blocked conservative nominees remain in effect, and nothing of significance has changed."

For more evidence, check out the headline from today's Washington Times, a key mouthpiece of the right-wing:

"7 Republicans abandon GOP on filibuster"

I am so pleased that senators from both sides of the aisle have walked the Senate back from the brink and defeated this terrible abuse of power. You can read my full statement about last night's agreement here.

Thanks for your continued support in this fight for America's future. I'll keep you posted on the many battles that lie ahead.

In Friendship,

Barbara Boxer


Snave said...

We'll have to see how this plays out... I'm a bit disappointed that there will be the up-down votes after all, but like you point out here: I think it's WONDERFUL to see dissension in the GOP ranks at the same time the Democrats are united.

The "Religious Right" (which is neither) is gonna be pretty pissed off about this whole thing. I think they will do themselves a nice disservice if they complain about this a whole bunch. If they do, and if it gets adequate media coverage, I think America will see just how out of the mainstream those folks really are. If Dobson is disappointed, then you're right... we won!

The Times is probably ticked because they represent the radical GOP element that doesn't EVER want to compromise on ANYTHING. And seven GOP Senators helped the Senate reach a... gasp... COMPROMISE! The Times and its minions must be aghast. I love it.

So seven GOP guys joined the 44 Dems and the one Independent... That makes a nice margin of 52-48 in our favor. Would we be able to count on about that many (or any) Republican Senators in other tight situations? We would need six of them to come over from the dark side each time in order to win up-down votes by 51-49 we don't want any 50-50 ties, because Darth Cheney would decide it all at that point).

Could a sort-of coaltion of moderate GOP Senators be in the making? If so, would they be able to influence some of their fellow Repubs to break the rank and file?

I would truly LOVE to see Frist get his up-down votes on the judicial nominees but to see them get beaten 51-49. Think that might happen? Frist's presidential ambitions would likely be crushed, if they aren't finished already.

I have been given some faith in the Senate as a result of the compromise! We need to work this for gaining House and Senate seats in 2006!

Snave said...

Which GOP Senators had the balls to basically say "the rest of you guys are just a bunch of power-hungry goons"? I would like to know who they were so I can send a thank-you letter to each and every one of them. Seriously.

Lizzy said...

I feel the same way. I'm disappointed that the Dems are letting those radical-right judges through, yet I'm very glad that the fillibuster will live on.

Watching Darth Frist's disappointment that he can't use his dark powers to kill democracy was priceless.

The cracks in the GOP are starting to show. Let's hope those cracks break wide open so we can get back in there to start cleaning up their messes.

halcyon67 said...

I just may be cynical, but I don't see this as a victory for the Democrats at all.

The Republicans got what they wanted. They get no filibuster on three, and they still have the chance of garnering votes and ridding the filibuster on judicial nominees.

Democrats can still lose if the filibuster on jud. nominees is eliminated and they have three no filibuster nominees. These are extremists. Either way you are going to appoint three. Seven were only supposed to come up. Now, all ten. Who knows, the Republicans can wait the Democrats out and use the 'no filibuster on 3 condition' to their advantage by putting the next two conservative judges at the end. Pryor and Brown will be the next two in line.I have a feeling that Democrats are going to use up the 'no filibuster' condition up too quickly.

That is just my opinion though.

Dobson, eh...even though he is one of the leaders of the RR, he is still a moron, but it is very optimistic that he would say that Democrats are United.

Maybe the seven moderates are a front and part of the larger Democratic Party plan.

Lizzy said...

Ya know, Samantha, the more I think about it, the more I agree with you. Damn.

Damien said...

I'd probably concur with Sam on that one, but the vote has essentually offered a target list of potentially wanning GOP voters. I've only recently been checking the voting rosters, something i should have done a very long time ago.

halcyon67 said...

I know that votes are important and all, but Democrats have not gained anything from moving the center or to the right and acting like Republicans. I don't really care about GOP voters, if they want to vote Democratic that is fine, I will persuade them, but I am not going to con somebody by bipartisanship. The Democratic Party does not want to be the Republican party.

Do we want power? Yes. But are the Democrats willing to change their stance? No.

We are obstructionists. I say let's make the word Obstructionist(s) a good thing. Use it all of the time so it is more accepted in American poli society.