Monday, May 09, 2005

It'll never happen, but...

Surfing through the outer-fringes of the 'net, I came across this interesting column. While what the author suggests will/would never happen, it is still an engaging read:

The Republican Party Offers A Choice: Fascism Or Anarchy?
by Chris M. Fick

The Republican Party is offering the American people a choice; either accept their brand of fascism, or there will be anarchy. This is less of a choice and more of a threat, and it is less of an offer and more of a disguised subversion of our democracy. But the GOP has made it clear that they are serious and they are proceeding with a high level of brazen arrogance and ruthless unaccountability.

When you combine this veiled threat with their history of ruthless, shameless, and vindictive politics it becomes clear that we should all take the Republican Party very seriously. As a result, we should begin to prepare ourselves for a tough battle to protect our democracy from a handful of wealthy fascist who limitless greed seeks to overcome our Constitution.

I believe that a small group of very wealthy fascist have successfully sold their criminal ideology to the GOP based on the looming dangers to all humanity from global warming. Global warming is real and the dangers to humanity are real but I believe the solution the GOP is pursuing is the wrong one. Based on the actions of the GOP it has become clear that the first casualty in their war on global warming will be America's democracy. Such a solution is treasonous at best and Nazi fascism at it's worst.

It appears that for the past fifty years the Republican Party, and some of their key supporters, have been waging a long-term "total war" effort against the Democratic Party, the Democrat's main financial backers, the American people, and the U.S. Constitution. Unfortunately most of the American people are unaware of the nature and goals of this war and, as a result, the GOP has been winning. It is time for a "Great Awakening" so that the American people will not experience the Republican's "Rude Awakening" that they have planned for us.

During the past fifty years the Republican's main supporters (giant corporations and mega wealthy individuals) have gotten much richer and the Democrat's main supporters (labor unions, trial lawyers, and middle class workers) have gotten poorer. This fact is reflected in each party's fundraising totals and in who is giving them money. This situation has forced the Democrats to seek funds from many of the same people who support the GOP, and as a result the Democrat's ideology has shifted to the right, and the Republican Party's ideology has shifted to the extreme right, fascism.

The vast majority of the American people (99%) now find themselves with two political parties, neither of who represent their interest. The current reality is that the Democrats represent the very rich and believe in a conservative ideology and the Republicans represent the mega-super rich and believe in a fascist ideology. As a result of both parties shifting to the ideological right their tax legislation has shifted the tax burden away from the rich and down to the middle class. Also, social programs and social legislation are being re-designed to benefit corporations more than the people they were intended to benefit, as is evident by the recently passed pork filled Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit bill, and welfare reform, privatization, corporate welfare, tort reforms, etc.

Now, since the extreme right-wing powers have been winning all these "total war" battles against the Democrats and the American people, they want to lock-in their concentrations of wealth and they want to eliminate their competition, both political and business, and free themselves from any form of accountability or legal liability. These efforts are clearly visible in the legislation the Republicans have been passing, the legislation they want to pass, the judges they have been nominating, and the distraction based obstructionism they have been exercising.

It's beginning to look like we might be entering the final stage in the GOP's "total war" strategy and it may be the last chance the American people have to take back their government from these ruthless lying fascist criminals.

So if our only choices are either allowing the GOP to turn our democracy into a fascism aristocracy, or anarchy, than I say "let their be anarchy!". We might not win but we can certainly make the GOP's victory bitter-sweet.

The key to defeating the GOP's "total war" strategy is education, or a "Great Awakening". The America people must be educated about who the GOP really represent (a few extremely rich families), what they are trying to accomplish (fascist aristocracy and total control), how they are trying to accomplish these objectives (lies, government bankruptcy, corporate welfare, wealth concentration, and treason), and why it is necessary to defeat the GOP (to save our democracy and secure our freedoms and opportunities). Once enough people are aware of the fact that the GOP only represents the interest of a few multi-billionaires, and that they are trying to turn America into a fascist aristocracy using any means necessary, it will be easy to defeat the Republican Party at the voting booth.

However, if we fail to defeat the GOP at the voting booth then our only hope of preserving, or reclaiming, our democracy will be "total anarchy" and I am calling on the elected members of Democratic Party to help us with this new strategy of "total anarchy".

The Democrats in the U.S. Congress can help the American people fight for our democracy with one action, resignation. If all the Democrats in the U.S. Congress resigned from their elected offices in unison, and at a key moment in the GOP's "total war" efforts, the GOP's efforts will collapse. The reason their plan would collapse is because a mass resignation would send a loud clear message to the American people, and to the entire world, that our democracy is on the verge of collapse and the GOP is responsible for the collapse and the Democratic Party cannot stop it through conventional means using political techniques.

This mass resignation will act as a way to rapidly educate the American people, and world leaders, and this education will ignite them into a unified group of angry, armed, and extremely concerned individuals who will then exercise their rights, purse strings, and bully-pulpits to stop the GOP sinister fascist plan dead in it's tracks. Without a "Great Awakening" effort it may be impossible to educate enough people in time to stop the GOP's efforts.

If the Democrats in Congress do not resign and just sit by in their minority positions of power while the Republicans commit this "total war" treason against America, then they will be just as guilty as the GOP and they should be held accountable as co-conspirators to treason.

If, on the other hand, the Democrats take the preemptive actions I just recommended and resign from their elected offices and tell the American people why they have taken this extreme action we can begin a "total anarchy" strategy designed to take back America. This new strategy is very similar to the Republican's "total war" strategy except this time the American people will have the upper hand and the Republican Party and their supporters will be on the run.

The key goal of "total anarchy" is to make the leadership of the Republican Party, and their supporters, so uncomfortable that they will run off and hide in fear for their bank accounts and their lives. This level of discomfort will make the GOP's key supporters want to stop supporting the Republican's fascist ideology and they will want to seek a new democratic ideology that can offer them a much more stable, secure, and friendly form of government.

Following are the steps that may be necessary to take America back:

The first step is to bring world wide attention to our cause. This can be done through mass resignations by the Democrats in Congress, mass education efforts, by boycotting of all businesses and real estate owned by the GOP's key supporters, by lobbying local law enforcement to join the fight, and by staging mass protest and demonstrations. If this step is successful no other steps will be necessary.

Step two is to hold mass protest in public and at the private homes of the GOP's members and the private homes of their key financial backers. If they leave follow them. If they run run after them. And if they fight then fight back even harder. The key is to make them extremely uncomfortable until they realize that their cause is no longer winnable because their risk/reward ratio has turned negative. If this step is successful no other steps will be necessary.

Step three is to forcible take control of key roads, businesses, homes, and government buildings. The purpose is not necessarily to destroy but to take control and being to organize a new government, new businesses, and a new social structure. If this step is successful no other steps will be necessary.

If these three steps fail then it will be time for the final step and last hope of our democracy, REVOLUTION. Load your guns, dig in, and fight for your life and the lives of your family.

Our founding fathers warned us that we would have to fight in order to preserve our democracy and our freedoms, and they were right. The time has come to stand up and fight for the life styles we enjoy and the opportunities we desire. We should honor the suffering and death so many of our ancestors endured to preserve our freedoms and democracy.

Many America citizens will not agree with our cause and they will never understand our motivations, and that is ok. Throughout history there have been people who fear change, or are ignorant of the facts, or who are just incapable of justifying such extreme actions based on personal and religious convictions. A good example is the Tories during the Revolutionary War. The Tories were a group of American colonist who did not support the idea of independence from Britain during the Revolutionary War and many of them fled to Canada. In the end the Tories lost and America's democracy won. This future war against the GOP and their mega wealthy supporters will be no different. Every person on the side of democracy will help make the difference. So good luck my fellow gun owners and freedom loving citizens.

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Jim Marquis said...

At first I thought this piece was a little over the top...but after hearing about the pension situation at United I'm not so sure anymore.