Saturday, January 19, 2008

Coming to terms with Hilldog

Well, Hillary won Nevada.

I am starting to come to terms that she might be the nominee. Needless to say, I have mixed feelings about it.

I have always felt that she wasn't a real Democrat. She's more of a Repub-lite, or a term I coined last night, "Democrat-right."

But, she's NOT a Republican, so if she's the nominee, she'll have my vote.

As far as the upcoming debates go, I do think she'd do better than Obama against Romney, McCain, or whomever the douche bag will be. She can be quite impressive.

Also, as a woman, I can't help but cheer her on a little in the back of my mind. Having the first woman President would be historical & awesome.

So, there it is.

...but, of course, I'm still an Edwards or Obama girl. And they will have my support until the bitter end.

Okay... so let me have it. But, before you do, if she's the nominee, what's our alternative? Ron Paul? I don't think so.


Anonymous said...

Just curious, maybe someone can help me out here. What has Hilldog done that qualifies her to be president? The facts that she is still married to Bill, would be the first woman pres or even that she is a Senator, are not qualifications. If I am going to have to vote for this woman I would like to see some things she has done that show she can lead our country.

Jim Marquis said...

Anonymous- she has more Washington experience than either Obama or Edwards. As a matter of fact, she has substantially more than her husband had when he was elected president.

Lizzy- I can appreciate your mixed feelings. I would be happy with any of our top three but one thing I have to give Hillary is her toughness. She's been attacked non-stop by the Right (and some of the Left)ever since 1993 and somehow managed to come through it stronger than ever.

1138 said...

Jm Are you nuts?

Lizzy I'm sorry but the way the Clinton's have behaved since New Hampshire I wouldn't give Hillary my vote, no even if there we never to be another woman to run again, and there may never be again if she gets the office.

No I said it, and I'm staying with it... Hillary will not get my vote, Edwards has shown me that he doesn't have the backbone for real battle and Obama appears to be my only option.

No I'll Never Never Never vote Hillary, I'll toss my vote away - or not vote at all, and that will be a first - I even voted for Reagan and Daddy Bush once, But I'll never vote for someone that has sunk to the politics of personal destruction within the Democratic party and collusion that Hillary has. No I have principles, she voted for the war in Iraq, still thinks it was right, and has since voted to green ligh Bush on attacking Iran and thinks it is right.
No, I will not vote for Hillary, I'll vote for an honest war monger in the other party before I'll do that.

Jim Marquis said...

1138- It's very simple...if you don't vote for the Democratic nominee and we end up with another Republican in the White House, I don't want to hear your bitchin'. Maybe you and Ralph Nader can go start your own pathetic little country somewhere.

Lizzy said...

...and if another Repub wins, this country will truly be done.

I have MAJOR issues with Hillary, as well, but I don't think she's evil, and I do think she'll start to steer us in the right direction. I can't say that for any of them on the other side.

We gotta start somewhere, and I do hope she's not going to be the nomineee, but I'm not going to throw my vote away if she is.

1138 said...

If Hillary wins it's the end of the Democratic party - it's that simple.
The other side will have won, there will be no slow start back, no compromise to a better place and those that fool themselves into thinking so are delusional.

JM, I'm not a Nader voter, never have been never have been, never will be, but I have been a Reagan voter and I could unless he chooses the wrong running mate a McCain voter because although McCain and I do not see eye to eye eye on a lot of issues I know he's knot the evil dishonest lying pig that Hillary Clinton is that will sell the American People out for her own political goals.
McCain has more integrity in his little finger than Hillary has in her makeup kit and more experience (Washington and Military) in his shoelace than she has in her imagination.
This country is going to need a real leader and Hillary and her horny attack dog Bill cannot do it.

I'll vote for a Republican before I'll vote for a Democrat that is really a Republican, we made the mistake of putting a Lieberman on the ticket, we shouldn't repeat it with a Hillary.

Lizzy said...

Like I said on your blog, 1138, if there would be a Ron Paul/Kucinich independent ticket, I would go there (for Kucinich.) However, since it's very doubtful that's gonna happen, I will suck it up and vote for Hillary.

Man...I hope it doesn't come to that. Obama better really go for it.

Jim Marquis said...

Lizzy- Ron Paul and Kucinich might both be independent thinkers but that's about all they have in common. Kucinich wants us to have far more government regulation and Paul basically wants a skeleton libertarian government.

1138- let me ask you something. What are your big issues?

For example...John McCain says we could stay in Iraq another 100 years as far as he's concerned.

John McCain also says a government-mandated health care system will never work here.

If you agree with McCain on those two issues, maybe you should vote for him. Maybe you're actually a moderate Republican.

1138 said...


My biggest issue is honesty - Hillary doesn't measure up or maybe you haven't been paying attention.
My second biggest issue is the Constitution Hillary doesn't measure up or maybe you haven't been paying attention.
I'm opposed to torture, Hillary doesn't measure up but maybe you haven't been paying attention.
I'm opposed people who say one thing and do another, Hillary doesn't measure up or maybe you haven't been paying attention.

No Sir, I'm not a moderate Republican, I'm a thinking American and I'm thinking that a man who has seen the worst of war will be inclined to keep our men from experiencing 100 years of it and that a lying lawyer for WalMart would say and do anything for power including killing more of our boys.
I'll trust an honest Republican over a lying Hilldog, and damn the party that gives her a nomination straight to hell.

1138 said...

Lizzy, I didn't see a comment on my blog.

PoliShifter said...

Well I live in CA and they media has already told me Hillary won so maybe I wont vote.

As for the General Election CA will likely go democratic as usual which means Hillary will win in CA which means my vote doesn't really count for much except to say I voted.

I'm torn up about all of this. But I will say I want a Democrat over any Republican running.

That said I know quite a few people who have told me if Hillary wins they are not voting,period.

That does concern me. I'm not crazy about President McCain, President Romney, President Huckabee, or President Giuliani.

Jim Marquis said...

Poli- I'm hearing the same thing from people on the right about McCain.

There needs to be some serious discussion about rotating which states vote first.

Candace said...

I agree with 1138 in that the way Billary behaved right after the Iowa caucus and around the time of the NH primary was a huge turnoff. The last thing the Democratic party needs is someone stooping to the Rovian tactic of playing the goddamned fear card! Not to mention all the other crap they've pulled. It's outrageous. I think it's going to hurt them more than help them. Even the MSM agree that Bill doesn't have his facts straight.

On MLK day, I saw a clip of an amazing event, and I wish I had been paying better attention as to who was speaking. It was a black woman, a Mayor of somewhere in SC, I believe, who went to the pulpit in a church to speak right after Bill Clinton spoke. There was Bill, sitting not ten feet in front of her. And she starts talking about the dream some people have for this country is NOT A FAIRY TALE. Wow. Threw his exact words right back onto him. And the congregation burst into applause. That was a major backfire on Billary. Too bad the news station (I think CNN?) cut the clip without showing Bill's reaction. My point is that people are getting fed up with this crap. I have tremendous hope for Obama/Edwards.

Lizzy said...

1138, You're right. My comment didn't post. Weird. I'll try again.

The one thing I know about a Paul/Kucinich ticket is that they would pull all the troops out immediately. Other than that, I don't know what would get done. Kucinich wants single-payer Universal healthcare and Paul wants none of that kind of ticket wouldn't really work.

All I can say about the rest, is that I agree with you guys about Hillary. Let's do all we can to make sure Obama wins.

Candace, I saw that speeech. You are right, they should have shown Bill's reaction.

1138 said...

Voting for a Democrat that sponsored a bill to make flag burning a federal crime.
Uh, no thanks - like I said, an honest Republican that works with Democrats and respects the Constitution is a better choice for America and the Democratic party.

90 days of training Iraqi's and we won't need to be there anymore and McCain can pull us out. Listen to what the guy says, he talks straight - he's not a Clinton lawyer disbarred or otherwise.

Lizzy said...

I'll give him a listen, 1138, but the Dem bone is strong in Lizzy, Jedi Master.

1138 said...

The Dem bone can't be too strong if you can stomach voting for someone who will hurt the Democratic party as bad as Hillary has and will.
The Clinton years were no all cake and ice cream - we lost a hell of a lot when Bill was signing Republican bills.