Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Al Franken for US Senate - 1st TV ad

Here's Al Franken's first TV ad, and it's a good one.

PS. I went to that school!


Jim Marquis said...

Yeah, Al. Woo Hoo!

Have you seen any polling on him vs. Norm the Moron?

M said...

Go Al!

Lizzy said...

I haven't seen any polling yet, J.
Al still has to win the nomination. Unfortunately, he has some competition on the Dem side.

Yes, Meesh, go, Al, go!!

PS. Sorry I've been such a bad blogger lately.

Candace said...

Coolio! :)

Now, if we could just get Stewart/Colbert to run...

Lizzy said...

Now that would be somethin'