Friday, December 28, 2007

City Pages: The Hard Left & my photo credit

Here it is!

(Click to enlarge)


M said...

So proud of you!!! You'll have to say hi to John Beggs from us when you see the Floorshakers. Take a couple of pics of him, too, if you don't mind.

Candace said...

Lizzy, that's great! "Lizzy Leff," huh? Catchy. :)

Snave said...

Very, very cool! I think seeing one's own name in print as the author of something creative would be a very satisfying feeling. Here's to your name appearing many more times and to many more creative endeavors!

PoliShifter said...

Very Cool! Hope this leads to more for ya!

Happy New Year! Only 385 days left of George W Bush!

Lizzy said...

Meesh, Thanks! The Floorshakers/ John Beggs pics are going up on my MS today. John is a big fan of yours!

Candace, Yep, my last name is out of the closet. What the hell, right?

Snave, Thanks!! It IS extremely satisfying.

Thanks, Poli! : )