Friday, November 09, 2007

Yellow ribbon magnets (part 2)

(Part one is from way back in December 2004. My how times have changed...sort-of.)

Part 2:
While driving around town today, I noticed something, or should I say, I noticed the lack of something.

I didn't see any "Support Our Troops" yellow magnets on people's cars. There was one exception -- a disgusting Hummer with Army AND yellow ribbons on his

I have a small penis truck.

Those magnets used to be everywhere. I think people have finally figured out that they've been had.

I'm curious, have you noticed the same thing in your towns?

This is the sticker I've proudly displayed on my car since this whole mess began:
Get yours here:


1138 said...

Look a little closer, a lot of them have faded to white and I suspect that a lot have simply lost their grip and simply fallen off.
That and most of them were Halliburton freebies used to promote the war and the folks that had them won't and can't figure out how to buy more.

But seriously, here in Atlanta the number seems to have dropped slightly, but only slightly - they've kinda supplanted the Confederate flags that used to be on every other pickup truck/suv, then of course there's the 10% that have both.

PoliShifter said...

When's the last time you saw a W sticker?

I saw one about a year ago.

A twenty something girl driving one of the newer beatles had one on her car...I couldn't believe it.

Haven't seen one since.

Candace said...

There are yellow stickers and W stickers here on the SUVs, Hummers, pickup trucks, Lexi, and Beemers - but then, this IS Dallas.

Candace said...

P.S.: You won! (see mah blog) :)

Lizzy said...

1138, I think a lot of them are falling off cars in car washes, as well. I'm just glad people aren't replacing them.

The Confederate flag shit wouldn't fly up here.

Poli, I see very few W stickers. Maybe 1 a week...unfortunately, there is one on my neighbor's car. Everytime she drives by, I get pissed.

I'm so sorry to hear that Dallas is lagging behind, Candace. That sucks.

Thanks for the blog award! You are very sweet!

Snave said...

NE Oregon is as far behind the curve as Dallas, TX. There are still a lot of cars and trucks out here with the ribbons, and with "Bush Cheney 04" bumper stickers still proudly affixed. I guess a lot of people around here still actually like Bush, think he's a great president, etc. The other night the Snavette and I were agreeing about how tired we get of the pervasive conservatism and neoconservatism around here... sigh...

Could the people who profit from the yellow "support our troops" ribbon magnets be accused of war profiteering? 8-)>

Lizzy said...

I feel bad for ya, Snave. What's it gonna take for NE Oregon to see the light?

M said...

Here in Camp Pendelton land there are still many ribbon stickers, of course. There are even a few businesses that have displayed in the window "We support our president and our troops" that make me want to gag (the first part, of course). I still see a stray Bush sticker here and there. Do any of you notice the huge amount of iron cross stickers and "skin industries" stickers on pickup trucks these days? That kind of bothers me...