Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Obama comes out swingin - finally.

Obama is having a good week. Hillary? Not so much.

From The Huffington Post:
Clinton Plants Question
Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign came under fire over the weekend for planting fake questions at town hall events, as all the Democratic candidates gathered in Iowa for the state party's pivotal Jefferson- Jackson Day dinner.
The Clinton campaign arranged for a college student to ask a "canned" question at an event on Tuesday, which was first reported on Friday by Patrick Caldwell, a writer for Scarlet and Black, a student newspaper at Grinnell College. The student, Muriel Gallo-Chasanoff, said a senior Clinton staffer told her what question to ask after Clinton finished her remarks.

From MyDD:
The latest UNH/Boston Globe poll of likely Democratic NH primary voters has been released and as teased on Friday, it shows a net drop in Clinton's lead over Obama of 9%. This follows on the heels of the Marist poll, which showed a 10% net drop since October and the Rasmussen poll, which showed a 6% net drop since October.

From CBSNews:
Starting Gate: Obama Wows 'Em In Iowa
The Barack Obama boomlet has apparently begun. The Illinois senator is getting rave reviews for his speech at the Iowa Democratic Party's Jefferson-Jackson dinner Saturday night. (more...)

So...every time I hear someone say that Hillary is going to be the candidate, I remind them that there is still some time left and you never know what's gonna happen.

Obama's latest speeches, and his Meet the Press interview were great. I hope he keeps this up.

He just may pull this thing out.


Jim Marquis said...

Very possible. If Obama wins in Iowa I think he will have mucho momentum.

1138 said...

Well Hillary's probably only planting questions with Murdoch money.
Dodd took a big dive in my book today for attacking Edwards for not saying he would back Hillary if she got the nominiation (saying that Edwards would be supporting a Republican if he didn't).
I went after Dodd on his own blog for it.
Me - I'm making it known - I'm not voting for Hillary, that's how you keep her from getting the nomination.

Anonymous said...

I have no use for Hill, but that also goes for Barack. I find plenty of unseemly stuff about both of them to fret over.

Some people think that this pack of candidates for the dem nomination is fantastic. I only see a couple of bright lights. Must be the cynic in me.

Lizzy said...

My first choice is still Kucinich. Then Edwards and Obama.

1138, What are you gonna do if she does get the nomination?

Anonymous said...

Canned questions; great. I knew FEMA would be starting a trend with their fake press conference.

PoliShifter said...

Whether Obama's 'surge' is contrived my the media or not in order to generate a 'horse race' atmosphere can be debated. I think it is in part the media propping him up after tearing him down. And it is also due to the fact that he did do a good job.

That said, we need to nip this meme in the bud that "Hillary is the front runner..".

She's not. And I don't think she's electatble anyway.

1138 said...

Lizzy, read what I wrote.
I'm not voting for her.
There will be names other than Republicans and Democrats on the Ballot.

Snave said...

I'm becoming an Edwards guy, but I don't mind Obama at all. I think either of them could be electable, although Edwards did get a $400 haircut, or was it $4000? And he looks like a snotty blow-dried frat boy. And he says he cares for the poor, but he's rich. And he's a lawyer, fer Chrissake. And we never hear about him in the news, so how serious can we really take him? Yadda yadda yadda

Lizzy said...

While the media may be propping Obama up to cut him down, I do think there IS a horse race going on.

The National polls mean nothing right now. The top 3 are virtually tied in Iowa, and I think that's great.

Edwards is clearly the most electible. I'd be proud to vote for him now that he's swung to the left.

If it is going to be Hillary, I just don't know. I may do what 1138 would do.

LET'S TALK said...

I think Edwards will take Iowa.

Anonymous said...

I hope that soon Democrats see that the Republicans want Hillary to be the candidate because she can't win based on her voting record. And she's NOT Bill ... enough with Clinton nostalgia