Sunday, February 25, 2007

An open letter to tonight's Oscar winners

Dear Academy Award Winners,

When you get up to receive your Oscar, please say something interesting. This is your moment to say what you've always wanted to say to millions of people all over the world.
Go ahead and thank your co-stars, producer, parents, Jesus, whatever, but leave yourself some time to say something important.

And, a special note to the wonderful & brilliant Al Gore,

This is it, man. Would there ever be a better moment to announce your candidacy for President? I think not.

Do it. PLEASE.

Elizabeth L.
St. Louis Park, MN


1138 said...

Well he won, but either it's too early to announce (and it is) or he has no intention to run.

There was an odd look on his face as he turned from the microphone - almost like regret.
Maybe it was something he heard from the audience.

Jim Marquis said...

Maybe he wants to wait until Hillary, Obama and Edwards have beat on each other for a while.

Lizzy said...

Yeah, I caught that look, too, 1138.

I wouldn't count him out either, Jim. He may just be biding his time waiting for the right moment. After he wins the Nobel Peace Prize, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

I am glad 'An Inconvenient Truth' won. I hope Gore wins a Nobel Prize, and I still don't want him to run. He's much more valuable doing what he's doing.

Snave said...

I'm fine with Gore, with just about whatever he decides. I would love to see him announce once the others, as J. says, have had a chance to beat each other up. I don't think Gore would have any difficulty whatsoever competing with the others in the money department, and he has good qualifications. As K. says, keeping Gore into doing what he is doing now might be the best thing for all concerned, but I like to think of him smearing any corporate Kool-Aid GOP candidate in presidential debates when it comes to environmental and social issues, and probably on foreign policy issues as well.

He ALMOST announced at the Oscars! Heh... I LOVED that moment when he was just starting to say it and the music cued up. I got a great belly laugh out of that one! It was fun watching him as the cameras showed him walking off stage, too.

As I mentioned in the comments section at my place re. Gore, all we need now is for him to win a Nobel Peace Prize, and maybe some of the conservatives would start shutting the f*ck up.

Lizzy said...

I don't know, kvatch. I think if he was President, he could effect real change.

Snave, I'm fine with whatever Gore decides, as well, but one thing does stick with me about him. We know he can win an election.

As far as the conservatives shutting the hell up if he wins the Nobel Peace prize, I'm not as hopeful. Those folks are seriously twisted.

PoliShifter said...

I didn't watch the academy awards but from what I gather it went pretty well. I heard Ellen Degeners was good and Gore made a joke about Oscar votes being counted or was that someone else?

Anonymous said...

The joke was a riff on the allocated allowance for acceptance speaches, where Gore in not so mocking fashion pretended he was giving Lizzy her wish... only to have the "time to stop blathering" music's volume rise and Mr. Married to The PMRC finally cracking a smile. One of the dull festivities funnier moments. Ellen Degeneres giving direction to Spielberg on how to properly frame a digital portrait of herself mugging with Clint Eastwood was amusing too and overall, her commentary was very sharp and subtle. The woman's really quick and a lot of her asides had a delayed reaction among the self-absorbed in-the-house hoi polloi... Blink and you missed it.

Lizzy said...

Aside from Ellen doing a good job hosting, and the great wins (Gore, Scorsese, Etheridge, and Forest Whitaker) it was pretty boring overall, polishifter.

Mr. Poopypants,
I agree with your assessment of Ellen Degeneres' subtle humor, and the Eastwood/Spielberg bit was funny, but you gotta give Al Gore a break on the PMRC stuff. Yes, Tipper's censorship campaign in the 80's was awful, but that was her, not him.

Elvez73 said...

He's running, oh yeh he's running, he's being coy but our boy is back! Gore/Obama 08 its for real!

Lizzy said...

What gives you that impression, elvez?

Elvez73 said...

I heard Donna Brazille was talking to Gore before the Oscars, Hmmmm, other than that its just a gut feeling, just like the one I had in 04 that Howard Dean wasn't going to win the nomination.

Lizzy said...

I hope you're right. : )

Damien said...

Way to bloody go Al, is he or is'nt he I love that.