Saturday, February 17, 2007

This is NOT what we voted for last November

I've been very burned out on politics lately, however I will put my 2 cents in about what happened today, in the Senate.

Most of the Senate Republicans can eat shit and die for all I care. They wouldn't even agree to have a DEBATE on the non-binding resolution??! I hope their constituents remember that when the '08 elections roll around. We, the people they represent, sent a clear message to these thick mf's in the last election...what about that don't they understand?

If they can't even agree to discuss the NON-binding resolution, the Dems better get their asses in gear and cut the war funding like they did in Vietnam. Or, at the very least, cut the funding for the escalation.


1138 said...
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1138 said...

Just a few short months ago they'd have screamed bloody muder over the democrats being obstructionist - but what is this if not obstruction?

They are a dirty bunch - filthy rotten dirty.

I'd say that the thing to do at this point is to (a) step up the pace on investigations and subpoenas and (b) tie this issue to every piece of business the Senate does going forward.

Anonymous said...

Well at least we can take some solace in the fact that House Dems have a bit more spine...and they control the budget!

Lizzy said...

1138, A dirty, filthy, rotten bunch, indeed. Investigate, subpoena, impeach. Period.

kvatch, Yes, the House Dems do have more spine, but they have strength in numbers. Let's see what they can really do now.

Snave said...

As I like to say,

Bipartisanship = I'll hug your elephant when you kiss my ass.

Screw 'em. They get a taste of their own medicine, they can't take it. It is indeed time to cut off funding.

Sorry to say it, but I'm ready for funding to be cut for the entire Iraq misadventure. Give the administration enough money to protect our troops who are over there now, and to proceed with a phased withdrawal like the ISG recommended. Tie the available funds to the phased withdrawal.

Anonymous said...

The only thing Chimpy is going to respond to is a cutoff of funding. It will be very hard to get that done though, thanks to "Holy Joe" LIEberman. He and elson would probably gum those works up more than enough.

Lizzy said...

I agree completely. It's time.

Anonymous said...

I think they need to cut to the chase and vote to cut off funding. I think Murtha already has a bill in the House to do this. Any Democrat or "moderate" Republican who doesn't have the stones to go through with this deserves to be voted out.