Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Exit Polls were right, but we already knew that

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I found this while perusing through the Internet(s.)

I gotta say, this still pisses me off.

My sister thinks that the Repubs are going to let us win the next election to make it look good, and then be up to their dirty tricks again in 2012 & beyond. Sounds about right, doesn't it?

And, this theory is coming from a registered Republican.


1138 said...


I wish I could be deluded enough to disagree.
Life would be so much easier to cope with.

But that's the way I see it too.
The machines, the system - it's all rigged.
The pushed up primary schedule that's being rigged for the '08 elections is just another way to reduce the chances that we actually get a fair shot at getting a real election with real debate.
Who ever wins will have to have a bundle of money right up front (Hillary) - yeah it's rigged.

Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...

I believe that politican
are sponcered by big bussiness that only care about the bottom line

Snave said...

I think they probably WILL be up to their dirty tricks again in 2012, because I understand that Jeb Bush will probably run for president then. After all, Jeb promised to deliver Florida to Dubya in 2000, and he came through on that promise.

Plus, it seems fairly likely that a Democrat will be elected as president in 2008, so why would the Republicans want to end the Iraq war or slow it down any time soon? They know it's a mess, but if they leave their mess to a Democrat to solve, it will make the Dem look bad. They can campaign in 2012 on how bad a job the Dems did with the war, and on how much better they would have done.

I can hear it now, starting as early as January 21, 2009: "Well, the Democrats said they would do a better job on Iraq than us Republicans, and they aren't doing anything at all to change things so far. They're incompetent. The country would be better with someone like George W. Bush running the country."

Lizzy said...

We can all see what's coming, but the big question is, what are we gonna do about it?

Are we capable of bringing about real change?

And, why isn't fixing this mess priorty #1 for the Democrats?

It's a sad, sad state of affairs.

pissed off patricia said...

Now I have a great desire to smack something. The exit polls have never been that wrong in the past so why wasn't it seriously questioned this time?

Lizzy said...

Ultimately, I blame John Kerry. He should have fought the results with everything he had.

1138 said...

Gore let us down and it was called civility.
Kerry let us down and it's just accepted.
The man shouldn't be allowed to speak anywhere without being shouted down for what he allowed to be done to this nation.

Lizzy said...

Good point, 1138.

Anonymous said...

I do enjoy being quoted.