Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Happy Birthday, Norman!

Stella & Norman

Norman at 14 weeks

Today is my French bulldog, Norman's 4th birthday. In honor of this occasion, I will share some of his best nicknames:

Nornhuelos Rancheros

Norbert (English & French pronunciations)


Norbert Nabinski

Nornubus Maximus


Norndilinger Jones

Norman & the over-over boys

Norman & the tushy boys

On a side note, I'm sure there may be a few people that are wondering about the 2 different anonymous comments on my last post. The short answer is that I'm going through some relationship issues.


Anonymous said...

happy birthday my beautiful boy!!!


Anonymous said...
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Snave said...

Awwww, wadda tute yiddo fewwo!!!

He IS tute!!!

That one where he is laying on his back reminds of the position Baby Mackie assumes when we are not giving him enough attention!

1138 said...

Happy birthday Norman, at least she hasn't called you Norm Blossom.

Lizzy said...
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Lizzy said...

Thanks, Snave, 1138, and Tom. Norm Blossom, huh. I like it.

Jim Marquis said...

He is Normalicious!

PoliShifter said...

Happy B-day big boy!

Ahh, relationships always have issues sooner or later...

Lizzy said...

Normalicious & Norm Blossom will now be part of the permanent collection.

Thanks, polishifter. Yes, relationships have issues, but they usually don't get played out in a public forum. But, that's what I get for being out there.

Elvez73 said...

Good lookin young pup there Lizzy! I am going to be adding another canine member to the family this Spring and I reall like Frenchies, my wife is leaning towards Boston Terriers but I think if I show her these pics she may cave. There is a good breeder here in Richmond who has some beautiful pups, I think one of these guys would fit in pretty good with my Jack Russell.

Anonymous said...

O Norny-boy, the steaks, the steaks are calling...

Sorry...it's silly, don't know what came over me. Happy B-day Norman.

Lizzy said...

Elvez, Frenchies & Bostons are very different. Make sure you read up on both. Bostons are wild & Frenchies are little bullies, but very loving.

Good one, kvatch.