Saturday, April 01, 2006

The pause heard round the world

Bill Maher was in fine form last night. One of his favorite subjects is the notorious "7 minutes." You know the one -- when Bush froze for 7 MINUTES after hearing that America was under attack on 9/11.

Well, anyway, one of his guests was Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R - CA.) Dana was trying his best to defend the indefensible GW Bush. After going back and forth about the 7 minutes, Bill Maher finally said "Dana, I've known you a long time. You cannot tell me that if Bill Clinton had sat there for 7 minutes, you wouldn't have a problem with it."

For a moment, there was silence.

Got him.


Snave said...

Wish I could have seen that... It's always fun seeing those guys get cornered in public, then seeing how they futilely attempt to defend Bush.

Anonymous said...

Rohrabacher is such a tool. Back in December he was part of that famous debate on CNN where he defended ignoring the Constitution in the pursuit of security.

With representatives like him, it's a wonder the Constitution hasn't just been thrown out by now.

But to the issue at hand: The 7 minutes. Bush gets a lot of flack for that, but if it were me I would probably have done exactly the same and would have been thinking the whole time, "F*ck me. Oh, f*ck me!"

Snave said...

Scheise... Thanks for the link back to your blog, Kvatch. I must not have discovered your blog yet when you posted those comments by Rohrbacher. Wow... Is he up for re-election this fall? I hope whoever runs against him quotes him often.

As for the seven minutes, who knows how any of the rest of us would have reacted? The fact of the matter is, Bush didn't react in a timely manner, as is his custom in nearly every emergency! Every time there is a disaster, Dumbya's handlers must just about go into a state of panic...

Snave said...

Also, the quotes from that interview actually make Bob Barr look like one of the "good guys". I never thought I could agree with that man on much of anything when I would hear his comments during the Clinton impeachment proceedings, but in this case, he actually does seem to be pointing up constitutional violations.

I guess there IS a common ground between most of us on the right and left, and that may well be the protection of both our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

I may have to write a post on this... heh...