Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Basement Reno: Day 1

Today was Day 1 of our basement renovation.

Almost everything in the basement was cleared out and moved upstairs & to other rooms.

Part of my OCD-ness manifests with cleanliness & extreme organization, so needless to say, I'm highly stressed. These next few weeks of chaos will be a test of sanity.

I'll keep you posted.

One of the messes that may put me over the edge


M said...

Do what they do on the home improvement shows. Get some plastic bins from Home Depot and divide into keep, sell and throw. Or, if you're going to keep it all, at least you can have the bins all stacked nicely around. Then when you have no need for them, they're great for the garage.

Lizzy said...

Over the last several months, I've gotten rid of a lot of my stuff, but I will take your advice about the Home Depot bins.

Thank you!

Donald said...

At least your place doesn't look anything like mine did after my months-long bender. I doubt you were having to shovel out buckets full of feces and scrub all floors, walls and ceilings with Pine-Sol on a daily basis to get rid of the stench.

I'm not worried about your place, Lizzy. While your sense of organization is getting badly tweaked by the disarray, that same sense will carry you through in fine spirits. Motomama makes some great suggestions. I wish I had some more of those big plastic bins, just because I like them.

Jim Marquis said...

It does feel great to go in and really clean an area. I've become frustrated with our garage, however. It seems like it's become a transfer station between Costco and Goodwill.

1138 said...

I'm not sure about the look you were going for but the before was better than what you have now.
Just my opinion.

Lizzy said...

Of course the "before" pic looks better, 1138. That was taken on day 1 -- the first day of demolition. Once the new walls, floor and ceiling are in, it will be beautiful.

Thanks for all the kind words, everyone. It's helpful during this time of stress.

Donald, too much information!

Anonymous said...

Oh Lizzy this must be hard for you!! Cant wait to see the outcome! Where is Wellstone during all of this? Poor Bird must be going nuts with all the change.