Saturday, April 08, 2006

Barack, in the flesh

Barack Obama is in town to support Amy Klobuchar for US Senate. Amy will be taking the retiring Mark Dayton's (D - MN) long as that weenie, Mark Kennedy (R - MN), doesn't win.

Barack is speaking tonight at a fundraiser. Luckily, he also showed up at an impromptu rally today at the local junior high school, which just happened to be in my neighborhood. Cool, huh?!

My future in-laws, niece and I went to see him.

The event was packed. You could feel the winds of change in the air. Good times.

The line to get in.

Very packed crowd

I had to sneak into the restricted zone to get this shot
That's Mark Dayton & Amy behind Barack.

My niece, Hallie, and me

Official story from

Obama gets DFLers on their feet

His remark that "we do not have adult supervision in Washington" was a hit at a Saturday afternoon rally.


Jim Marquis said...

That's a nice picture of you and your niece.

M said...

I didn't read the link, but is she related to the Strib's old columnist?

Cute pic of you and Hallie!

Lizzy said...

Thanks, guys.

Yep, you're right, M, Jim Klobuchar is her Dad.

They stole a pic from my blog...where's my photo credit?:{A1063CD3-0853-4A7A-A5B4-C61B4F303ED6}

Anonymous said...

What a great photo of you and Hallie!

Sheryl said...

Hey Lizzy, thanks for dropping by my blog today. I haven't been very good about making the rounds lately, but it's always good to see ya. :-)

I didn't realize you were an aries as well. Way cool! Hope you had a fabulous birthday!!!

Damien said...

Girl you are just to freaking lucky, great to see the Bam man amping things up, hes creating such a huge buzz. Great stuff Lizzy!!!

Lizzy said...

Thanks everyone!

Paul G. said...

Would that be the one from Vox Verax