Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Mainlining banana flips

It's time to get in shape. Since quitting smoking 18 months ago, I've put on about 10lbs, and it's really bothering me. I'm only 5'2" so every ounce shows.

The problem is my addictive nature. Since quitting street drugs, my main addiction has been sugar, and that is one addiction I'm not willing to give up. I can decrease the amount I take in, but I refuse to stop completely. I've left behind heroin, cocaine, cigarettes and methadone, but I'm not Superwoman, for G-d's sake!

So that means it all comes down to exercise. I'm going to join a local health club and get a personal trainer. When I was in my early 20's, I used to go to a gym everyday, and I can do it again. I think between nautilus, free weights, stationary bike, walking the dogs, and possibly yoga, it shouldn't take me long to start feeling better. I'm going to join this week. I'll keep you updated.


Sheryl said...

I've been thinking of taking up belly dancing again. For me, if the exercise isn't fun, I can't sustain it, but I really love to dance. :)))

Sheryl said...

Canooing is good too. Unfortunately so many of the fun exercises require a partner of some sort. Or even a whole team.

I love soccer too.

M said...

Good for you, Lizzy. I definitely think you'll like the yoga. It's relaxing, low stress, and gives you a great feeling when you're done.

I remember your hardcore days of working out at the bodybuilder's gym.

Lizzy said...

I hope I can get that discipline back! Those were the days.

halcyon67 said...

Lizzy that is awesome. You mentioned your addiction to sugar. I was once addicted to chocolate. Seriously. I went cold turkey, and I am not craving it at all.

Good luck with your exercise program.

What really bothers me with the entire dieting system is that people only work out for summer, which I think is a mistake, you can really mess up your metabolism by doing that.

Damien said...

Gawd I'm only 5.7 and at least 5kg over - my ideal Body mass index wieght. I've stopped trying to fool myself I'm just top heavy in the muscle department.

I'll have to start running again.
Although BMI has been debunked - so who knows?