Thursday, December 16, 2004

Overwhelmed by the GOP

I feel bad that I haven't written in several days. When you are the OCD Gen X Liberal you gotta keep plugging away, but the news keeps getting worse and the amount of things to write about is staggering. The truth of the matter is that I'm feeling overwhelmed. I've got several things cooking in my head, but I'm taking a short breather.

I'm sure I'll get something out in the next couple of days. In the meantime, your blogs will keep me focused.


Snave said...

Now Lizzy, don't go getting all OCD about not having written anything in the last few days. Take comfort in knowing that I check in on your site a couple of times a day, and if there isn't anything new there, I know there will be eventually. I'm not worried! Of course that may be my Zoloft talking!~ Heeheehee

Yeah, the news does keep getting worse. I'm afraid it will get worse before it gets better, but I do believe it WILL get better. I honestly believe that the farther Bush pushes things to the right, the more enemies he will make. I think that will lead not only to him being a lame-duck president more than a year before the next election, but also to the GOP being a lame-duck PARTY in 2008 due to unmendable rifts between the party's powerbrokers. I also believe the rift between fiscal conservatives and religious conservatives will widen, causing many of the fiscals to move toward the middle in an effort to distance themselves from the evangelicals.

If the Dems are smart enough to reach out to the red states during the next four years, I think all they will need to win in 2008 is a warm body, i.e. a candidate that breathes and doesn't drool. Gaining seats in the Senate in 2006 is of utmost importance... and I believe that could happen!

Bush should never misunderestimate the fact that 49% of the country didn't vote for him. By doing so, he is not using good strategery!

Lizzy said...

Thanks, Snave. Your comment is comforting during this time of GOP destruction.

But, you know better than anyone that you can't tell someone with OCD to not get all OCD on something! : )

Snave said...

Sorry, I forgot, you're right about that! But DON'T WORRY! Heeheehee

You should also never ask a person with OCD "Are you sure about that?" My teenagers kid me with that one every so often... I will make some pronouncement, and one of them will say "Are you SURE about that, Daddy?" I nearly always laugh and respond, "Yeah, right!"

Jim Marquis said...

I agree with the Snavemeister. We are definitely heading toward the breaking point on many issues. Changing Social Security is proving to be a much bigger fight than many conservatives thought. Bush has no real traction on making radical changes in the tax system. Rumsfeld is one insensitive statement away from getting tossed. And if the Iraq election is messy the American people are going to start talking seriously about bringing the soldiers home.

Hang in there, Lizzy. The last couple months have been pretty tough but things are coming around.

Lizzy said...

I sure hope so, J.