Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Do you ever see interviews with abused women that stay with their husbands? The interviewer always has a list of horrible things that the husband has done to the wife. It's stuff like:

He constantly lies and then comes up with wild excuses for his behavior.

He hangs out with his creepy friends instead of working, or when he does work he's so incompetent that his friends have to cover for him

Before she met him, her life was good. When they met, he promised her the stars. Now that she's married to him, every part of her life has turned to shit. Her son is gone, she's lost her job and is about to lose her home.

And in the end, he's robbed her of her independence. She can no longer think for herself. She is scared all the time. Her friends are always showing her the facts to convince her that he's rotten, but she can't see it. He's brainwashed her. For her, abuse is the norm. She doesn't remember the way it used to be.

That is the way I see most Bush supporters.


Snave said...

First of all, I'm not suggesting that there should be a direct comparison between women and dogs. Comparing Bush supporters to dogs? Well, not in all cases, but certainly in some. With that said, let me try to make sense here:

I've known of people who have beaten and/or tortured their dogs, yet the dogs kept coming back faithfully to those masters. Those animals had a kind of primitive blind faith in their masters, yet they were abused unmercifully. I think it must take a truly sick person to take advantage of such blind, loving faith.

I think a leader who takes advantage of this kind of blind, loving devotion shown by many of his followers for his own personal gain is disgusting. If more people didn't have such a blind, loving doglike devotion to their leader, I don't believe he would have been able to start his war. For all their devotion, he has tricked them into thinking it's o.k. to kill, it's o.k. to abuse the earth as long as money is being made, or it's o.k. to cause the next generation to bear the brunt of his spending spree.

People have shown him their utmost respect and adoration, and he has treated them like dogs. He has taken advantage of them, but many are too hypnotized, too lulled into a false sense of correctness or rightness to know it.

Supposedly Bush tortured animals when he was a kid. Some things don't appear to have changed.

Lizzy said...

It's a well known fact that serial killers abused animals when they were kids. I'm not surprised to hear that Dubya may have done that as a child. It makes sense. He has no problem sending our troops to their deaths without a second thought. His lack of a conscience also shows in the amount of funerals he's attended - zero.
Great analogy, Snave.

Damien said...

Could liberals open a battered GOP voters home. An unmarked prius turns up down the block from their home [trailer], flashes its lights and then they make their escape into the night.

We show them endless clips of F911, give them a free round the world trip departing from LAX. And pick them up in DC or Florida when they get back. Then sign them up as probationary Libs.