Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Speech

I haven't been up to much blogging lately, and now I'm sick with a cold, so I'll see ya in a few days.

However, I will say this. Barack's speech today was one of the best speeches I've ever heard.


LET'S TALK said...

The sad thing is that a lot of people will not understand it and a lot of people will allow the talking heads to sway them to believe what they spew negative about the speech.

Candace said...

This was an historic speech - one that people should sit down and watch with their children and grandchildren. It gave me chills. I can't wait 'til November!

Today, Sen. Clinton is changing her plans so she can go to Michigan to continue her plea for a revote. I see such desperation here. All of the Democratic candidates signed an oath about Florida and Michigan, and now she wants to rewrite the rules they all agreed upon.

Hope you feel better soon, Lizzy!

Lizzy said...

LT, Unfortunately, that is true. However, I did hear that this speech has had over a million hits on YouTube, so there is hope.

Candace, the speech gave me chills, too. I could listen to him all day long. It's such a refreshing change to hear something intelligent from a candidate. Obama is awesome.

Clinton is desperate to seat the delegates in Michigan & Florida, because she can't win without them. Too bad.

I'm starting to feel a little better. Thanks!

Snave said...

Hope you are getting over your cold! They can be miserable things. And happy First Day of Spring, a day late!

What a great speech. It literally brought tears to my eyes. When I hear someone like Obama speaking like this, and then when I see Clinton running around criticizing him for not being "experienced" it makes my blood boil. I am starting to think that Obama has more experience at being human in his little finger alone than Clinton has in her entire being. This time around, that humanity trumps all for me when it comes to voting for a candidate. I think it is way past time that we elect someone who has some of this kind of sense. This is real compassion we are seeing here, and it is inspired.

How Clinton can live with herself for cutting him down and even for staying in the race at this point is beyond me. America is staring the closest thing it has seen to JFK in 45 years right in the face. What a boon to the world, to America, and to the Democratic party!! If she does not see this and if she continues to try and sandbag him, it undermines the chance for America to elect an actual leader this fall. It also shows me that she is not putting the obvious good of her own party and the good of the country first, instead choosing to continue her attempt to grab power. While I believe she could be a relatively effective president, I believe Obama is far better equipped to make the kinds of decisions and statements that will start the laborious and seemingly futile process of uniting a divided America.

Because desperate times call for desperate measures, I think we are going to see several more instances between now and the Pennsylvania primary where Obama will need to step up to the plate, as he did with this recent speech. The impetus for having to take such self-defense measures is very likely to be due to accusations from both McCain AND Clinton, and probably from right-wing talkbots/diggers as well.

I believe Obama will win out in the end, and that such things will slide right off of him like water off the back of a duck. In the end, I see Clinton as having no choice but to throw her support his way, because to do otherwise would damage her reputation too much.

I hope with all my heart that Obama can win in Pennsylvania in April, as that should virtually put an end to the Clinton campaign. With her bids for seating delegates who would support her from Florida and Michigan looking unlikely to bear fruit, Pennsylvania should be "all or nothing" for her presidential hopes. Obama has time to catch up with her there, but because she is desperate I am expecting her to make some comments that will require good comebacks. The media will be all over the two of them the next few weeks, and I hope he can handle the pressure and do what he does best: remain cool, and use his great people skills.

Hilary, there is a big train coming. You might want to drop what you are doing right now, and get on board while you still have a chance. If you don't you will be left in the station, like yesterday's news.

Lizzy said...

Bravo Snave!! I agree with every word.

Happy Spring to you, as well.

This cold is kicking my ass, and we just got a few inches of snow -- blech. Not a good way to start off Spring.