Monday, March 17, 2008

Black is the new President, bitch

I've been watching Saturday Night Live since the very beginning. With the exception of the really bad seasons in the early 80's, I've stayed loyal. This season I was very disheartened that SNL was "in the tank" for Hillary Clinton, but last Saturday a ray of light came into the show to set them straight.

Tracy Morgan's cameo on Weekend Update:


Anonymous said...

That skit was a riot. I think SNL has gotten a little bit better in the last few weeks. I still watch the show (sporadically) no matter how far downhill it's gone. I guess that's my version of that cliche about doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

The SNL crew that came right after Gildna Radner/John Belushi, etc., really sucked. But I don't think that group even lasted a full season. (They were so Godawful, there wasn't enough pot in the world to make them funny.) But I loved Eddie Murphy/Joe Piscopo/Tim Kazurinski, and I think they started in 1981.

Lizzy said...

Yeah, that was a good season.

The worst seasons were the ones that Loren Michaels didn't produce. Anthony Michael Hall & Robert Downey Jr were part of that bad cast. Those were the dark days of SNL.

1138 said...

I don't think one bit makes up for the rest of being in the tank for Hillary though.

I think SNL and the "Talk Shows" would all benefit from going back to the old days of actually being LIVE.