Friday, August 04, 2006

The World Can't Wait

I get my news from a lot of sources, and all I can say is that I don't know how I feel about the middle east situation anymore. It's in my blood to side with Israel, but I don't like what I'm seeing (on both sides, of course.)

However, there is one thing I do know. Bush has to go. The world is falling apart...and he goes on vacation.

Snave thinks that impeachment hearings would ultimately be a bad move. I do not. This goes way beyond politics. I don't think we can wait the 900 days he has left in office to be rid of him. I get the sense that we're running out of time.

I know it's a bleak picture, but have you heard any substantive news lately that isn't?


M said...

Between Israel, Iraq, serial killers, heat waves and the coming hurricane season, I'm just tired.

1138 said...

Start the impeachment with Cheney and let things roll from there.

Damien said...

I'm guessing it won't be the situation in Israel that starts general calls for impeachment, but the situation thats about to occur in Iraq. And I'll hazard a guess and say that Shite militia are about to pull out a major offensive in Bagdad before at least the end of the year.

Hmmmm, at the moment I'm totally going with Snaveroo on this one - anyway I just think at the moment impeachment would be too honerable an exit for the first chimp, let him go down in flames.

Snave said...

I think IMMEDIATE impeachment moves would be a bad thing, but that Bu$hCo definitely needs to be impeached.

I never said we shouldn't impeach Bush, I believe I said that Democrats shouldn't make it the first order of business should the left gain control of the House. I think that after some investigations that reveal irrefutable evidence of wrongdoing (I know, the left already has some of that, but we need to be able to convince the Bushbots) THEN is the time to impeach. Try it during the first month of Demo control of congress, and I definitely think it would be perceived in the wrong light. As important as getting rid of the jerks is, nowadays image is everything, and getting immediately spun as overreaching, vengeful, etc. by the Rovites might not be in the best interest of the Democratic party.

I'm thinking of the future of the Democratic party as well as the future of the country.

I will support the impeachment effort whenver it begins, but I think Democrats need to practice RESTRAINT, is all.

I like the website your post's title references! It brings up a lot of good points.

Snave said...

Lizzy, I just wrote a fairly mild rebuttal, but Blogger ate it so I will try again.

No wait! Blogger DIDN'T eat it! Silly me... !

Anyway, I don't believe I said I think impeachment is a bad idea in general, or that we don't need to rid the U.S. of Bush.

I think the Democratic party needs to learn from history, particularly recent history, in that many things that are brought up by the left are quickly brought down and made to work against us by Karl Rove and the GOP spin machine. I think that despite the country's need to get rid of Bu$hco, the left needs to exercise a bit of caution, and not rush headlong into things.

I don't think it would have to take more than about six months after Democrats gain control of the House before irrefutable evidence could be presented... there are so many stones that can be turned over, and so much stuff to be found under every one.

I think Damien is on the right track here. As Iraq continues to implode, people may become more and more desperate to get Bush out of office.

brdrake said...

The reality that GWB and company are still in office/power amazes me every day. I still hear uninformed, boorish support of this idiot co-op on a daily basis, and it is starting to pound on my sanity. What the fuck has happened to this country? Have we become so hypnotized by consumerism and entertainment that supposedly "thinking" people can drum up rationalization for the criminal, evil stupidity that now runs amok? Where is the voice from the left? Or even left of center? The American Democratic Party is embarrassingly inept and castrated. Who will stand up and tell the truth? Why are so many elected officials... with the ability to make noise...afraid to speak? Where are The Weathermen? Where is the SDS? What happened to activism on our college campuses? Is everyone watching "The Real World" and "Lost"? Why is the 25-40 year-old demographic more concerned with granite counter-tops and stainless steel appliances and teeth whitening than they are with the future of the world? Does anyone read? Where is the Anti-War Movement? Where will we find the balls to take our country back? Revolution? Where do I sign up?

brdrake said...

I did see one awesome ray of hope this past weekend in Wisconsin.
A 'red-neck'type pick-up truck, camo paint job, with a gun rack in the back window, and those big monster tires....Had a sticker the entire width of the rear bumper that read: HOW DO YOU LIKE BUSH NOW? (I wanted to jump out of my car and kiss his mulleted head. When the everyday "Joe six-pack" working stiff crowd starts "seeing the light" maybe we have a chance.)

Snave said...

BRDrake, THAT was a GREAT bumpersticker!

My dad and mom, who have always been conservatives and who voted for Dumbya BOTH times, are now against the guy! I have experimented with a few conservatives I know, telling them that the mention of the word "Dubya" makes Dad swear, and makes Mom look worried and shake her head. What do my conservative friends say? One shook his head, smiled, and said "Yeah... we could be doing better." YEAH! Another said he still thinks Bush is doing a good job, but when I asked him why, he wasn't really able to explain it. Lots of hemming and hawing, lots of hesitation... So, yes! I think "joe six-pack" and hopefully some of the rest of the "NASCAR Dads" are beginning to pay just a little more attention.

Lizzy said...

I would have paid to see that, Brian.

Revolution, coup d'├ętat? Sign me up, too. Sometimes I wonder if Rove & Co are seeing how far they can push us until we do act.

Snave, I'm sorry I misinterpreted what you said. I'm with ya, bud.

Great comments, everyone.