Thursday, August 17, 2006

The mainstream media is a complete joke

I'm sure I've said this before, but it's gotten worse.

For me, it has become increasingly difficult to watch cable & network news. In fact, other than MSNBC's Countdown w/Keith Olbermann, and Jack Cafferty's short segments on CNN's The Situation Room, I may give it up altogether. Our 6 & 10PM local news broadcasts also fail miserably.

While listening to Air America in my car this morning, I heard the news that the NSA eavesdropping program has been ruled unconstitutional.

When I got home, I immediately turned on the TV to hear the whole story -- and couldn't get it. I guess the JonBenet arrest is more important than the ruling that the president of the United States had violated the Fourth amendment.



brdrake said...

When the press came up with the logo for "Desert Storm" during George senior's tenure, and news officially turned into 'show business', I knew we would never really get at the truth about anything...ever again. Locally, of course, we have always been blessed with the 2 absolute worst newspapers in the entire nation, while local TV reporting has eaten itself in it's hilarious aping of Today Show/Good Morning America pap.
I gave up a long time ago.

M said...

I agree. Even with the foiled terror plot - they devoted days and days to it. What more can you say? As the LA Times TV critic said this morning in relation to the JonBenet case, now they'll start rolling out the B-roll of child beauty pageants again.

Snave said...

I like The Daily Show, and I guess this is like what they would call a "slow news day", eh! Nothing going on in the world that really matters, so we get the resurrected JonBenet Ramsey stuff. I have gotten numb to this kind of crap from the mainstream media over the last 15-20 years, but for some reason I have not yet pinpointed, this time it really makes me angry.

We rarely if ever tune our TV to Fox or MSNBC, it's usually tuned to CNN Headline News or local news (Portland). Today CNN mentioned our lawbreaking president's doings as one of the top stories at their little "top of the hour" intro, but the lead story was the Ramsey stuff, and it seemed to go on for about five minutes. Sheesh.

Lizzy said...

I know exactly what you mean, Brian. The slick graphics only add to the non-news. However, as far as newspapers go, I don't think the StarTribune is that bad.

Meesh, Now that's a scary there such a thing as a child pageant B-roll?....g-d, I hope not.

Snave, Thanks for mentioning the Daily Show. You can get more real news out of that 30 min comedy show than all of the other "real news" shows combined. Jon Stewart: President 2008.

M said...

I'm also starting to really like Colbert when I can stay up to see him.

The B-roll? Just the played out footage of JonBenet parading around in Vegas girl outfits...