Tuesday, August 15, 2006


My very brilliant Uncle Richard (below) sent this letter to the editor of his local paper

From Random House Webster's Dictionary:

Profligate: An adjective. Utterly and shamelessly immoral or dissipated; thoroughly dissolute; recklessly extravagant

A word used to describe the War in Iraq.

"The war in Iraq will come to be seen as the most PROFLIGATE act of American Foreign policy in U.S. history"

Yep, that describes it all right!

AND...Bush wasn't alone.... he had and has plenty of help:

PAUL WOLFOWITZ (numero uno)
A wrong-headed, very bright ideologue, with narrow perverted ideas based on his views learned from the treatment of Adolf Hitler. No standing by, act and act quickly, use a pre-emptive strike. (Don't wait for the Mushroom cloud.) He succeeded in convincing George Bush and the Bush administration to use a pre-emptive strike against Iraq

DOUGLAS FEITH (numero dos)
A finicky, small-minded brilliant nit picker who inserted himself between reason and reality, experts and novices, to further the Wolfowitz pre-emptive endeavor while distorting intelligence to fit a pre-conceived Iraq invasion plan

DON RUMSFELD Defense Secretary in the 21st century with a 19th century mentality.
An impulsive meddler in military planning and post war civilian management affairs, all of which he was the least capable of doing and all of which he assigned to FEITH and thus ended up disastrously

GENERAL TOMMY R. FRANKS Central Commander/Ass-kissing general.
Franks ignored Pentagon experts in order to suck up to Rumsfeld to further his own career

DICK (shotgun) CHENEY (VP)
A stubborn liar. After becoming Vice-President, Dick tried to make up for his 1991 mistake as Defense Secretary (convincing George Bush I not to go into Baghdad.) Dick cherry-picked intelligence to fit a pre-conceived decision to go into Iraq

JUDITH MILLER Former national reporter for the New York Times.
Miller's lies and deceit made her an accessory to the Iraq invasion, as well as ruining her career and muddied the Times

Guilty of disbanding the Iraqi Army and the Bathists infrastructure en masse, after being warned of the extreme consequences, thus causing a vacuum in civil order and chaos in Iraq and leading to the disrepute and disrespect of American troops.

Co-conspirators helping to lead the American government into invading IRAQ and involving itself in a morass it cannot extract itself from

A group of lambs guilty of omitting to ask tough questions before voting for the use of force and offered no challenge to the administrations lack of post war planning. Both Republicans, who still won't own up to their mistakes and the Democrats who at least are starting to do so

In general!

I can go on with the list of mistake makers for another few pages, but I won't bore the pro-war, right wing, conservative readers with more names of the aides and abettors of our illustrious president.

Needless to say, the above named took a neophyte, ignorant, stubborn president with no experience in foreign affairs, and convinced him to destroy years of US foreign policy, lose our allies, fail to fight terrorists who threaten us, kill 2600 American soldiers, wound 20,000 more, kill 40,000 Iraqi men women and children, alienate our friends, create hatred and distrust and destroy any hope for a negotiated, unified world attempt to stop international terrorism.

AND now he says" The next President will handle it, I'll leave it to him
(Notice he never said "her").

We had 9/11 and then all reason left us. Iraq was an arrogant, ill conceived, poorly thought out war. It was an inept sham, a joke, or as the new book by Thomas E. Ricks says, a military and post military "FIASCO".

Richard H. *
New York

So folks, re-elect the fools who brought you Iraq. The liars, the fabricators, the users of fear and false propaganda: the Republicans, and get more of the same.

* Note from Lizzy: I wasn't sure if I should publish his full name, so I'm erring on the side of caution


M said...

Your uncle is awesome. I wish I could meet him. But he didn't mention the monkey-in-charge! Although maybe he deliberately left him out because he's been a puppet!

Lizzy said...

He is very cool, and yep, I'm sure he left out Dumbya deliberately. W doesn't have an original thought in his tiny pea-sized brain.

brdrake said...

Great letter...obviously from a thoughtful mind.
Speaking of Dubya, there's a very thought provoking article in the latest issue of Vanity Fair about the 2 Georges...father and son. A bit of a fluff piece in some ways, but very interesting nonetheless.

Snave said...

Wow! Great letter, and quite a list of war criminals!!