Monday, July 17, 2006


Last week was one of the roughest in my lifetime. The cancer scare put everything in perspective.

As you know, during those dark days, I broke up with Tom.

After a lot of personal soul-searching, followed by intense negotiations between the two of us, we have reconciled. It all comes down to love, and I wanted my little family back.

...and if he tries to pull anything ever again, I'm going to start breakin' shit (guitars first.) You just don't mess with a Jewish girl.


Jim Marquis said...

Good to hear.

M said...

Man, I've been trying to comment all day. Lizzy, if you are happy, that's all I care about. I never like to see you down, especially since I can't just drive over and hug you in person. I'm glad you guys worked stuff out. I'll try to call you before we leave for the races.

Love Meesh

Damien said...

Yikes Tommys been a bad boy, easy on the guitars lizzy.

Anonymous said...

Move to NY where you have additional muscle, just in case!