Thursday, July 20, 2006

"Sanctity of Life"...what a f*ckin' joke

For George W. Bush, this "life": more important than these lives:

2,781 Coalition Iraq War deaths (2,556 American)
40,000 (est) Iraqi civilian deaths
1,836 Hurricane Katrina deaths
120 Hurricane Rita deaths

and whether you agree with capital punishment or not -
150 executions as Governor of Texas


Snave said...

EXCELLENT post. Short, sweet, and to the point!

The guy truly does have screwed-up priorities, at least to me he does. In addition to your point, I will to add that he apparently views the health and welfare of these cells with more reverence than the lives of the children the cells may or may not eventually become. Sheesh...

Jim Marquis said...

Specimen A is so cute...think we should name it GW. They both have the same IQ.

1138 said...

Part of the process of implantation of a blastocysts (it's not just one) is the examination of the syringe to see if any remain in the syringe.

If one is found (and why check if they are not at least occasionally?) guess what happens to it/them?


No second chances, for these special ones that were chosen were not discarded as imperfect earlier before selection for implantation, who had been flushed and never been given a shot at wombdom.

Liars taking advantage of the ignorant for the purpose of political advantage, and we wonder why the world has Darfurs and Cambodia's.