Friday, November 25, 2005

Go big or go home

My take on the Iraq mess? Either go big or go home. And, what I mean by "go big" can be summed up in a post I wrote back on November 04, 2004 entitled Troop Level Plan.

Anyway, from what I gather, the US has 2 choices:

Reinstate the draft (Bush voters go first) and get the job done right ...whatever the job is at this point. (um, does anyone remember?)


Get the hell out of Dodge.

I prefer the latter.


Jim Marquis said...

You've summed up the situation very well. A draft would be an excellent way to check how important the Bush voters think this war really is.

Damien said...

Bush voters, and then SUV drivers (most are probably Bushies). You know six months ago I would have said 'George you broke it you bought it now stay till it's fixed'. The truth is given recent reports about death squads and torture cells in Bagdad, heck I'm thinking maybe it just is'nt worth staying.