Thursday, August 18, 2005

GWB: Shielded, Simple, or Evil?

How does it work?

When Dubya speeds past Cindy Sheehan on his way to a $2,000,000 Republican fundraiser, do his "people" distract him momentarily so he doesn't see her?

When he's home at the ranch, or the WH, do his people block out certain TV & radio channels so he's shielded from the truth?

Does W get a special pre-sanitized version of local & national newspapers? (Oops, scratch that - George has admitted that he doesn't read papers.)

When he's walking the halls of the White House, do his people keep those horrible Democrats & moderate Republicans out of earshot?

Do his people make damn sure that GWB never sees the documentaries that are about him?

Is the music on his iPod scrutinized so he doesn't hear any Green Day, or the like?

Or, does Bush see and hear it all, and still feel nothing? I don't know what's worse.


Sheryl said...
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Sheryl said...

I think they screen out as much as they can, compensate by treating him like a God, and then he also is too stupid to think past his own box.

It's like an infant. You know how they say that infants can only understand whatever is right in front of them? He can't think past himself. Nothing else is real to him.

He's just playing a game of Risk or some other childhood strategy game, and Cindy Sheehan is just a card he needs to get back in the discard pile with a minimum loss.

I don't know--maybe we can hassle or poison her mother or something, so Cindy will have to back off. (I wouldn't be surprised.)

Snave said...

I think the concept of self-absortion is key here. I would agree with most of what Sheryl says! I think Lizzy is hitting the mark when she thinks he may be seeing and hearing all these things, but just letting them go by.

Damien said...

Just guessing but it just seems like the GOP in particular those closest to the presidency are living in a complete non reality.

(is it true the latest bushism was "the french have no word for
entrepreneur " or is that just urban web myth)

Jim Marquis said...

I would say he's simple. And that simple worldview coupled with the fact he's the most powerful man in the world leads to a lot of bad stuff happening.

Anonymous said...

When you've caused as much pain, anger, sadness, etc as Bush, you just learn to not feel guilty.

sleepybomb said...

isn't it enuff that he sympathizes, should he, the leader of the free world be burdened with the trivial details of the real world? he is a simple minded man, with simple minded sycophants telling him all he needs to know. and as far as playing risk, that is to above him, he is more of the chutes and ladders kinda guy. simple games for simple minds. if he knew enuff about strategy to play risk, he wouldn't have risked it all in iraq ...
and if he does read a newspaper it prolly looks like a cia classified breifing, all blocked out, on a need to know basis and all ...
he is just a silly man with way too much power, he'll rue the day yet!

Lizzy said...

Great comments. I agree with all of you.

1138 said...

Shielded, Simple, or Evil
Yes, Yes, No*

* No human being is intrinsically evil, they just seem that way through the despicable character of their souls

Snave said...

Shielded, simple
Evil pimple

Sheryl said...

Moose made a good point. He has indeed switched off his emotions to cope with what he has done.

It's a little bit like his supporters actually. They can't afford to admit that they have made a mistake in supporting him, and he can't admit that he's made mistakes that have hurt thousands upon thousands of people.

So yeah, I think that is an extra incentive to be so isolated from reality. That way you don't have to deal with guilt or consequences.

And yeah, Sleepybomb, you are probably right that Chutes and Ladders are probably more his level, but then I didn't say he was good at playing Risk. "If the big boys like Cheney and Rumsfeld can try to take over the world, then sure I George W. Bush can. After all, my parents paid to get me into Yale."