Saturday, August 27, 2005

Opposition party? Shhhh, they're sleeping

I hate to say it, but I am getting more & more turned off by the Democratic Party - the party of which I am a card carrying member.

Other than Barbara Boxer, and maybe Dianne Feinstein, I have yet to hear a prominent Democrat speak out against Bush's illegal, immoral war and how this administration has flushed what America once was, down the toilet.

Hey Hillary, Obama, Kerry, & Edwards,
You guys are really sucking right about now. Wake up & get your fucking asses in gear.

In the meantime, the Green Party is sure looking good to me.


Damien said...

Can't understand why no one is speaking out at the moment, I mean come on it does'nt get any better!

Jim Marquis said...

I understand your frustration but I think there are times when it's smart to back off and let events play out.

Remember, Republicans love the Green Party. Nobody leaves the GOP to become a Green.

Snave said...

Right on. Chin up! As Ronnie Raygun used to say, "we have to stay the course". If people desert the Democrats now, during a time when the GOP is having some pretty large problems, we might not be able to take advantage in 06 and 08.

But I can understand your frustration! There aren't a whole lot of us in high positions who have much going in the way of cojones.

Also, nobody has been on my blog posing as you or anyone else. The perpetrator of the porno has a website devoted to picking on only three people... at least so far it's only three people. I have argued with the guy at a couple of other blogs, so who knows, he may give me some kind of fake site next. Ugh.

Snave said...

"Also, nobody has been on my blog posing as you or anyone else." That means, not as you, J.Marquis, Damien, Fred, et al... but definitely as my friend T.H.

Sheryl said...

I'm with J. Marquis on this one. Bailing to the greens really is not the solution.

Besides, lots of democrats have opposed the war. Most of them who voted against it, for example.